The Pool Boys

The Pool Boys

Philly based swimming enthusiasts and 4 piece rock band playing shinny tunes inspired by artists ranging from Pink Floyd to Beck. Catch them in the deep end.

he said exclaimed as he looked in the mirror, for at this moment he began question whether he was more beast or man... Do any of these genres peak your interest? Alt-Blues 90's Revival Radio Indie Rock If so, I might be exactly what you're looking for. Or, I'll be a huge disappointment. If that's the case, you and my parents, girlfriends, regular friends, employers, and future children should meet. Maybe at one of my shows? I'm Jac Carson; grew up in Pittsburgh, grown-up in Philly, I've traveled sea-to-shining-rivers, impressing tens of "fans" along the way Remember Third Eye Blind? Fuckin' Awesome right?! How would you like something familiar enough to evoke those emotions, but just different enough to avoid laysuit? (DISCLAIMER: If you're reading this Stephan Jenkins (or your lawyers) I was just kidding; I hear you're a real dick about this stuff). Ever watch John Mayer and think "Man, I love how full of himself he is, but I wish he was little worse at guitar so he'd be more relatable."? THAT'S ME!

Characterized by their compelling melodies, dynamic songs, and attention to detail. My Familiar is a collection of passionate individuals and musicians set on stirring something deep, exciting, and emotional inside anyone who will listen.

Lia Menaker is a singer songwriter blending pop, rock, and blue-eyed soul. Amongst her major influences are Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and Fiona Apple. She released her debut album "Animal Behavior" in 2015 and it was described by critics as "soulful... soothing.... accessible... edgy poetry." Her spirit was described as "reflective" with "a sense of theatricality."

Lia was the female lead singer of Broken Darling from 2011-2013, during which they recorded a self-titled EP featuring a song she wrote, "Bones". After the release, critic Rich Quinlan called her "an undiscovered star - a performer with a soulful, haunting voice that shines." She has also also been featured on back-up vocals on two tracks of Aires Attic's self-titled EP.



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