Red Elvises

Red Elvises

The Red Elvises were founded in 1995 by two Russian political refugees, singer/songwriter Igor Yuzov and bass-balalaika player Oleg Bernov in Los Angeles, California. The band’s third original member, guitarist Zhenya Kolykhanov (he later legally changed his last name to “Rock”), had also emigrated to America and had been spending time playing in Texas. For the first few months Andrey Baranov was the band’s drummer, but within that year, the first American in the band, drummer Avi Sills from Austin, Texas, was added to the lineup. The four of them got their start playing on Santa Monica’s famed 3rd Street Promenade but became so popular that they were eventually asked to leave. The reason? They drew such huge crowds that the shopkeepers complained it was interfering with business!

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If people still crave raw, live stage performance, then the reckless abandon embodied by America’s perennial teenage rebellion still has a claim on our fancy. The blues had a baby with country and jazz, and it refused to grow up. That’s what Igor & Red Elvises heard, and that’s what inspired countless guitar slingers, ivory ticklers and rabble rousers with greased hair and a bad attitude.

Even EDM music, hip hop and other genres far removed from “three chords and … “ pay homage to the scene that jump-started western youth culture. Igor & Red Elvises do their part as total disciples, continuously inspiring kids to get fresh cuts and dance, and upholding rock ’n’ roll in all forms — especially the kind with pompadours, fast cars and groovy crooners.

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