With seven distinct personalities, Juice distills rock, r&b and hip-hop into a signature sound with
a distinct kick of electric violin, rich harmonies, honest lyrics, and festival-worthy choruses. The
Boston septet—Ben Stevens [lead vocals], Michael Ricciardulli [guitar], Rami El-Abidin [bass],
Christian Rose [violin, vocals], Kamau Burton [acoustic guitar, vocals], Daniel Moss [guitar], and
Miles Clyatt [drums]—perfects this mix on its 2018 independent project.
“There are so many colors when we play,” explains Michael. “The chemistry is there in the
studio and on stage. When we play to a crowd, it’s all organic. The reactions... the faces... the
experience, what you see is what you’re getting, people know that, they can tell. We’ve learned
to listen to each other and to what the music has to say. At the same time, we channel our
youth, there’s no bottling that up. We’re always searching for something tangible our listeners
can thoroughly feel at the core of the music. We’re trying to create an atmosphere much bigger
than the seven of us on stage.”

$5.00 - $10.00


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