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The Reckless Island

The Reckless Island is a reggae/rock band out of Richmond, VA. Though very new to the RVA scene, the Reckless Island band members have almost 10 years experience playing together. Brothers Riley and Alex Kerns (leads vocals and guitars) along side percussionist and vocalist, Willy Matthews, were in the regionally popular, Golden Butter Band from '06-'12.
Initially assembled to back up Riley and his solo material, music was coming in from brother, Alex and bass player, Nick Trbovich; making it about much more than just one person. Enter: The Reckless Island.
On October 31st, the Reckless Island released their debut EP 'Breathe In' completely independently- from recording to artwork to duplication. The EP consists of 8 tracks written by both Kerns brothers and bass player, Nick 'Turbo'. They strived for a very modern and high quality reggae production garnished with the sonic textures as heard on Beach Boys and Phil Spector albums.
With an updated and upgraded line up, look for the Reckless Island playing in Richmond and surrounding areas in the upcoming year as they work from the ground up to become a legitimate force to be reckoned with in the reggae/rock world.

$15 - $17


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