Sludge band from New Orleans known for their misanthropic lyrics and endless troubles with law and drugs. They broke up in 2000, but reformed 5 years later. Lead singer Mike Williams was arrested in 2005, following the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, but with the help of supporters was released in December of that same year.
On August 23, 2013 the band's drummer Joey LaCaze died from respiratory failure, aged 42. Brian Patton quit in late 2017 to be with his family making the band a 4 piece for the 1st time in their career.

Mike Williams - Vocals
Jimmy Bower - Guitar
Aaron Hill - Drums
Gary Mader - Bass

Grindcore band from Mission Viejo, California, United States. Started in 1990.


Los Angeles-based, beer-centric, crusty hardcore thrash from dudes known for Spazz, Infest, Despise You, Crom, Killed in Action, Grill Em All...

Graf Orlock

Graf Orlock is an American grindcore band from Los Angeles, California, United States. They are named after Graf Orlok from the film Nosferatu. Consisting members of hardcore punk bands Greyskull, Dangers, and Ghostlimb, Graf Orlock commonly uses audio snippets and script dialogue from action movies like The Terminator, Aliens, and RoboCop in all their songs; this mix has been jokingly called "cinema-grind."

The band formed in 2003 after "Jason Schmidt" and "Alan Hunter" were working on a screenplay while attending UCLA called Destination Time Yesterday which created controversy in the school for not referencing sources. The controversy erupted to a riot involving the Los Angeles Police Department.

After the riot, "Jason" and "Alan" were expelled from UCLA. Both "Jason" and "Alan" along with bassist "Sven Calhoun" and vocalist "Kalvin Kristoff" begun Graf Orlock with EPs and split albums. In 2006, they started a trilogy based around the controversial screenplay starting with Destination Time Yesterday, and in 2007 Destination Time Tomorrow EP was released; which was number 16 in Decibel magazine's Top 40 of 2007. The final chapter of the trilogy, Destination Time Today, was released in 2009.


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