Gloomseeker is a one man doomgaze/ambient flesh outfit. The inspiration behind it is to draw from the beauty and gloom of existence. There is noise, melancholic undertones and vocal reverberations that together blend into a mellifluous euphoria. It is an anthem for pondering the continuation of being.

Grave Blankets

Emotional expression for the emotionless

Formed in Bridgewater, New Jersey in the summer of 2014, Alcove have been plugging away at a sound that could perhaps be most succinctly described as maximal minimalism (or minimal maximalism, we’re not sure to be honest) for almost half a decade now. Creating sonically expansive music with one guitar, one bass and one drumkit has remained their fundamental aim, even as their methods have shifted over the years. They’ve never concerned themselves with image, money, “fitting in” with the more canonical musical traditions of Central Jersey. Alcove are outsiders, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
The jury is still out on whether or not their music is actually good enough to justify this sort of bullheaded approach though.

Noise, Drone, Experimental, Avant-Garde. Philadelphia, PA



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