Maximum Mina

Maximum Mina

Michael Mina, Michael Mina
Omri Aflalo, Bourbon Steak
Jason Berthold, RN74
Lincoln Carson, Michael Mina Corporate Pastry Chef
Rajat Parr, Michael Mina Group Wine Director
Ron Siegel, Michael Mina

Michael Mina’s hometown San Francisco restaurants run the gamut from upscale steakhouse to contemporary American—but they all adhere to his food philosophy of bold yet balanced flavors. For this very special dinner, which includes wine pairings from award-winning wine director Rajat Parr, the chefs from the Mina collection are throwing guests a curve ball—Michael will be exploring his sweet side while pastry chef Lincoln Carson dabbles in the savory world.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

$190.00 - $200.00


All prices inclusive of beverages and gratuity

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