Asthma Castle

Asthma Castle

Stoner rock from Baltimore!

Yatra (Record Release)

YATRA is a journey into mountainous sounds transcending into the deep forests of primeval times. The power trio's eclectic sound combines slow heavy doom drones, black metal vocal stylings, and fuzzed out sludgey riffs. YATRA is a Maryland band comprised of Dana Helmuth guitar and vocals(blood raven,scouts honor), Maria Geisbert Bass(kiss kill destroyer), and Mike Tull drums.

Thought Eater

Instrumental heavy metal with varying degrees of prog, stoner, sludge, noise, and thrash influenced band from Baltimore

Douglas Griffith - guitar
Darin Tambascio - bass guitar
Bobby Murray - drums


Tombtoker was born out of the love of Black Sabbath, Hardcore Punk, Noise Rock, and Extreme Metal. Cutting their teeth in Baltimore Hardcore Thrash band Enemy Insects and noise rock band Roomrunner, Tombtoker takes a doom-ier approach then their predecessors, calling the dead to rise from their tombs rather.



Patrons under 21 years of age pay $2 surcharge at the door.

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