The Turnout presents Party Time with Jocelyn & Emily

The Turnout

Enjoy some local storytelling at Front Porch Sessions or Invisible Spectrum, listen to interviews; stand-up comedy and music at Live N Portland and come out to see Broke Gravy, one of the hottest improv trio’s in Portland! Help us celebrate all of the beautiful people that make up this city of ours. Discover all of the diverse voices and perspectives that Portland has to offer. Show up for the Turnout!

$10 advance ● $10 cash at the door


A stand-up, story-telling and surprise filled evening.

Remember the fun birthday parties you went to as a kid? This is sort of like that only with a stage, stand-up comedy, interesting stories and even a bit of music. Best of all, if you’re lucky you might even walk away with a party bag*!

Featuring stand-up, storytelling and music from:
Julia Ramos
Phillip Schallberger
Adam Garcia
Shaine Brenden
NOMADR (Jeremy Sherrer, Amine el Filali, Alden Zac)
And more!

*party bag = prizes

**Don’t worry you will NOT have to sing happy birthday to anyone

(All Turnout shows are approximately 2 hours long.)

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