SNKR Joe (11PM-4AM), Bedroom Band, Pet Robot, Petite Celine, Samantha Echo, The Medicine Makers

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Indie dance rock. Invented in Bushwick, Brooklyn circa 2017. Comprised of irregulars and spare parts to engineer tight rhythms and sonic tension.

Petite Celine

Petite Celine is a Franco-American indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Brooklyn, NY. As a native New Yorker growing up between France and the US, a very petite Celine noticed some pretty big differences in the music that got airplay from each country. French radio aired a diverse selection of music, featuring a wide variety of languages and cultures - exciting Celine, a multi-linguist herself - while US radio cemented her love for American Pop.

Samantha Echo

Samantha Echo is what would happen if Leonard Cohen had an affair with one of the Disney Princesses.

Echo hails from the mountainous regions of a made-up place with poison skies. The legitimate child of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and the reincarnation of Echo of Kithairon, Samantha has been performing since the age of six, when she decided she wanted to be hot like Pocahontas when she grew up. She is a licensed busker with the Music Under New York program. Her song “The Slut of Denmark” received the November 2014 Akademia Music Award in the Folk-Cabaret category. She has been featured in Suzanne Stout’s first annual Buskers’ Carnival at the Players’ Club, the Notable Features’ documentary Rhythm in Motion (in the Atlantic Monthly), and the Award-Winning Book The Noise Beneath the Apple, by Heather Jacks, who calls her “a Salvador Dali of sound, challenging and disrupting perspective.”

The Medicine Makers

The Medicine Makers are a dark, psychedelic rock quartet from New York City. They were born over a decade ago in the deep recesses of the mind of Ger Stevens, the lead vocalist and bassist. In the ensuing years, the band went through several lineup changes before solidifying into its current form.


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