Wilkinson Blades

Wilkinson Blades

“The arrival at the new sound is also “home” for now – a real down-to-earth rock record that inspires a second, third, and fourth listen. Is it deep? Yes…but, can I understand it -also, yes! For me, that’s the very essence of rock and roll – it’s both relatable and emotionally challenging at the same time.”

Kelly Jones - Portland Notes

“Wilkinson possesses a rich bass-baritone, and does something rare in music — he enunciates his lyrics. His band also kicks major fanny, as evidenced by the Green on Red-like number “Highway Sign,” which rolls in just the manner its title implies. Meanwhile “What Could Go Wrong” is sort of like what might have happened if The Clash covered a Joe Walsh tune when he wasn’t half in the sauce. Mmmm. Good fixins!”

Rob Cullivan - Portland Tribune

"the band's muscular delivery suggests less a razor than a blunt instrument. The band's new sophomore album, Home, offers earnest, straightforward American rock’n’roll.

JEFF ROSENBERG - Willamette Week Magazine

" Dripping with psychedelic overtones and trippy, ethereal vocals, Wilkinson sounds as if he could be the long lost brother of Jim Morrison. " "Wilkinson said he wanted to make a record that he could be proud of and play for his friends, and that goal was reached with 4 AM. The eleven tracks draw you into his musical world and take you on a short journey. You get a good vision of his life, where he is from and where he is going, and by the end can’t help rooting for Steve Wilkinson."

Zach Jones - Mountain Weekly News

$5 to $10 suggested donation


$5 to $10 suggested donation. All ages until 9pm.


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