HYPNOTHESIS: Hyphy Beats, West Coast Bass, & Jazz From Outer Space


The kids are alright. Founded by Great Dane (2017)

Courteous Tone


Dane Morris is Great Dane, an LA transplant from Orange County with a taste for independent hip-hop and an ear for sticky beats. A Low End Theory staple with 3 full-length records under his belt, he is co-founder of the music collective TeamSupreme.

Dane has been touring basically non-stop since his debut album (Alpha Dog) in 2013, and is excited to finally establish this residency in LA as his home bass. His latest solo venture is ADBC:

While tutoring at some of the most acclaimed music production schools in LA, Dane realized how much raw talent was brewing out there - he felt like he had stumbled upon some of the hottest unknown music producers on the planet and wanted to build a platform to shine a spotlight on them. This label imprint is digitally distributed by Alpha Pup Records - Daddy Kev’s brainchild and the home of all Dane’s previous records - and with one compilation album released, this new club night, and the next Great Dane solo project slated for July 2018, ADBC is off to the races!


Originally hailing from the San Fransisco Bay Area, Hapa migrated south in 2014 and has since become an impactful character in the LA beat scene. Aside from his dark, other-worldly beats, he is also co founder of the up and coming record label Courteous Family. Over the years he has devoted himself to the forward progression of music. Drawing inspiration from close friends like Tsuruda, Woolymammoth, Aztek, and Herzeloyde, (to name a few) Hapa has had a hand in many unforgettable collaborative projects as well as accrued a deep repertoire of his own. Everything he touches radiates unmistakeable style. A true tastemaker down to the core, Hapa’s DJ sets are something you won’t want to miss.

Woolymammoth is an experimental electronic musical project created by San Francisco native Jason Wool in 2015. Also a member of Courteous Family, his music is heavily inspired by the jazz roots he grew up with combined with the style and sound of the LA beat scene. Woolymammoth’s music can be described as a mix of minimal hip-hop rhythms, distorted analog samples and chopped up vinyl cuts that merge the Hip-Hop and Electronic genres together. Having just released a 15-track LP on Alpha Pup Records entitled “Filling Spots,” this young multi-instrumentalist has already compiled tons of new material to unveil exclusively at upcoming shows.


say it like "visceral" or else

$5 Early Bird / $10 Advance / $15 Day of Show


Record labels Courteous Family and ADBC present Hypnothesis- a monthly residency centered around the new wave in LA’s infamous beatscene. With ties to Team Supreme, Low End Theory and the like, residents Tsuruda, Hapa, Woolymammoth, Great Dane, and Courteous Tone are accomplished producers, DJs, and label heads who bring the latest and greatest in all things hip hop, beats, and bass. In addition, each show will feature unannounced special guests. Put on your dancing shoes, grab your sisters and come get stupid-doo-doo-dumb!

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