Dance Gavin Dance: Artificial Selection Tour

Dance Gavin Dance

Current line-up:
Clean Vocals: Tilian Pearson
Unclean Vocals: Jon Mess
Guitarist: Will Swan
Bass Guitarist: Tim Feerick
Drummer: Matthew Mingus

Periphery is an American progressive metal band from Bethesda, Maryland (by way of Baltimore, Maryland), formed in 2005 by guitarist Misha Mansoor. The band is known for their heavy, modern, and progressive sound that includes polyrhythmic patterns and soaring melodies.

Hail The Sun

Hail The Sun is an American metalcore/post-hardcore band from Chico, California formed in 2009.

Current members:
Donovan Melero - Lead Vocals, Drums, and Percussion (2009-Present) (Also vocals for Sianvar)
Shane Gann - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals (2009-Present)
Aric Garcia - Rhythm Guitar (2009-Present)
John Stirrat - Bass (2009-Present)

$27.50 Adv - $30 Day of Show


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