Sibannac, Dead Casual

SiBANNAC is a boisterous, high energy ska/punk Trio from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Established in 2007, SiBANNAC continues to record and perform classic politically charged crack rock steady sounds made famous by bands like No Cash, Choking Victim & Operation Ivy.

Dead Casual

Car Crash Star

Starting off as a two piece based in Raleigh, Car Crash Star formed in January of 2013 between friends Andrew Preston and Aaron Edge. After doing a year of shows in the triangle, the two piece expanded to a three piece adding Tyler Pauley on second guitar to record their EP Trading Paint, released in Spring of 2014. Soon after Tristen Guarnaccia was added to continue expanding their sound. They write music influenced by Punk, Garage, Grunge and Indie forming a unique and loud sound of their own.


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