SHANNY and Friends, Linda Diaz, Softee, bay b. Bop (ft. wyLee)

SHANNY and Friends

SHANNY is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York. She utilizes art to bridge the gap of social impact dialogue through immersive performance experiences. Her performance work has spanned both theatre, visual and music based arts, working as a vocalist, writer, producer and performer in over 500 shows, including an invitation to the White House Christmas Party to perform for the Obamas and a soloist on the Contemporary A Cappella Awards, Best Album of the Year.

She graduated from Northeastern University with a B.A in Economics, minors in Global Social Entrepreneurship and International Affairs.

In recent years, she has written and produced art based projects with a specific focus on raising awareness on women’s empowerment, body confidence, mindfulness and mental health. These projects range from theatre to visual arts, a recently completed solo album.


Softee (FKA Nina Grollman) is your favorite local pop star. A friend to the DIY music scene, she brings her own blend of synths, three part harmonies, and 80's excellence to the gig. She is based in Brooklyn and she's about to make you dance.



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