Hi Hat's 3 Year Anniversary Week ft. Airplane Mode with Ras G

An alternative hip hop producer and DJ based in Los Angeles, California.

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program

A staple in the Los Angeles left-field scene as one of the founders of Poo-Bah Records and a member of the Brainfeeder Records clique, Ras G's innovative beatmaking falls into the same stony, psychedelic style of instrumental hip-hop as fellow L.A. DJ/producers Madlib and Flying Lotus. After releasing six EPs and four full albums (Beats of Mind, Ghetto Sci-Fi, I of the Cosmos, and Brotha from Anotha Planet) in the latter half of the 2000s, Ras G had a notable appearance in the 2010 Stones Throw documentary Second Hand Sure Shots, for which he, Daedelus, J-Rocc, and Nobody were issued a challenge to take five dollars to the local thrift store and make beats using the albums they bought. Successfully demonstrating that his abilities could overcome difficult circumstances (in this case, using warped vinyl and a recording studio converted from a backyard toolshed), Ras G's creativity continued to shine for the next few years as well, with seven more EPs (including split 7" releases with Samiyam and Sun Ra) and four more albums, Down 2 Earth, Space Base Is the Place, and 2013's Raw Fruit and Back on the Planet.

Mendee Ichikawa

Oakland born and LA based, JNTHN STEIN is transcending the world of music. Finding a unique sound as a producer, vocalist, writer, multi-instrumentalist and live performer, JNTHN originally made his mark as a founding member of beat making super group Team Supreme in LA, and has since emerged from the collective and established himself as a limitless solo identity.

Growing up in the Bay Area, young JNTHN was immersed in some of the thickest soul, funk and hip-hop ever made, with jazz and classical music coming from his musician and artist parents, and alternative rock coming to his ears from local radio stations. He started playing jazz in high school, then headed east ways over to New York to attend Manhattan School of Music to push his skills even further, absorbing the sounds of the noisy city, and soon moved into beat making as a form of escapism. That very escapism soon became a powerful reality as he started to explore music making with voice, instruments, and electronics altogether and the doors to endless possibilities were soon blown right off the hinges.

JNTHN is constantly learning and mastering new skills, even ones that have just begun to exist; In 2015 JNTHN was invited by Ableton to unveil the brand new Push with them in a documentary filmed in Berlin focusing on JNTHN's beat making with the Push, his singing and his bass playing. Since then, he is unanimously acknowledged by the internet as the best Push player in the world.

After building up his following (and his sound) with dozens of tracks on Soundcloud, JNTHN's official debut EP 'Changes' was released on EtcEtc Music (previously Ministry of Sound) in January 2017. His follow up 'Everything Is A Drug' EP was released in April 2017, a year that became one of global ambition for the young STEIN. His music has since garnered millions of streams online and seen him supported on respected outlets such as Complex Magazine, Beats 1 Radio, BBC Radio 1, KCRW, Triple J and Spotify's New Music Friday playlist.

His live show, where he sings and performs on Push and bass, showcases his talent as a multi-talented musician and performer. The summer of 2017 saw JNTHN performing at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, London, New York, Red Rocks Ampitheatre and beyond. He also collaborated with Mr Carmack on their track 'Who Cares' premiered by Hype Beast and New York’s A$AP Ferg, TJ Mizell and Sebastian Mikael to create ‘Seasons’, yet again proving his versatility and mainstream appeal.

As a producer he has been producing and writing records for and with Oritse, Brasstracks, Alexander Lewis, BXRBER, ExMag, Mick Jenkins, Aria Hennesey, Benny Benassi, Delta Heavy, Tara Carosielli, Penthouse Penthouse, Great Dane, Dabow, Haan808, Krane, Courage My Love, Lilly Ahlberg, Marie Dahlstrom, Lao Ra, Lyves, Dakota, The Age of L.U.N.A, Seramic and more.

JNTHN STEIN follows his love for music and creation effortlessly and passionately, making you feel, move and love like you’ve never before along the way. There’s no telling where he will go, only that it will be a big step. There is a difference between knowing the path and walking it.



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