Aaron Clowers Benefit Concert Feat. Not My Master

Not My Master

We write our own music, our own sound, our own way


Death metal band from US (Dallas, Texas)

Cesspool Of Corruption

The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Necrophagist, Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Carcass, The Faceless, Origin, Nile, Iron Maiden, Death, Son of Aurelius, Aborted, Morbid Angel, Inferi, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Suffocation, Vehemence, At the Gates, Beyond Creation, Conducting from the Grave.

Silver Tongue Devil

Year One of The Devil was 2005, and so far we've played across the U.S. while having our songs and videos played all over the world. SECRET DEMONS was our 1st record, a collection of previously unreleased EPs that came out in 2009. PORNOGRAPHIC SCRIPTURE is the full-length album that debuted at the beginning of 2012, followed by album three ORTHODOX HERESY in 2015. DIY in attitude, inspired by metal, punk, art and life, we continue to create a musical alchemy unique to ourselves.


Iron Jaw

Hailing from Fort Worth, TX, IRON JAW is one of the newest bands to make an impact on the Dallas Metal music scene, but the members of the group are by no means rookies. IRON JAW are five well seasoned veterans whose music is influenced by the heavy metal and hard rock of the 70’s and 80’s.

“Ferocious…draws on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal/classic metal influences to deliver songs that are finely crafted. Plenty of metal riffage on display, and vocalist Rich Stafford can howl with the best of them. ” -- The Void Report

Guitarist Rick Perry has been forging metal in the Dallas Metal Scene since 1984 with Warlock TX, Gammacide, Puncture, and Warbeast. It was during the 2014 reunion of Warlock TX that Rick started working with former Rotting Corpse drummer Randy Cook and bassist Clay McCarty. After that project had run its course, Rick, Randy, and Clay decided to push forward with a new band. At Clay’s suggestion, Jeff Brown was added as a second guitarist, which expanded their musical options and increased the power. Searching for a vocalist without success, a classified ad in the Musicians Wanted section finally yielded results. Rich Stafford, a recent transplant from Montana to Dallas, joined and IRON JAW’s lineup was complete.

Thus solidified IRON JAW hammered out its first set of original songs. Although Randy and Rick built their reputations playing thrash and speed metal, IRON JAW reaches further back to draw inspiration from bands like Sabbath, Kiss, Priest, Maiden, and Motorhead. In spring of 2017, a four song demo was recorded at the home studio of their friend Ryan McQuiston.

While the demo captures the essence of IRON JAW’s raw, back to basics approach, it is live and on stage where IRON JAW prove their mettle (or metal as the case may be).

IRON JAW was nominated for Best Metal band in the FW Weekly's 2018 Music Awards.

IRON JAW is currently rehearsing for upcoming performances as well as composing new songs for a full length CD to be unleashed later this year.

Weapon of Regret

We are a Entertainment/musical act/Heavy metal band from Corsicana TX. We mainly play all over DFW area as well as other locations in TX. We offer opening acts/headling acts for any set amount of time. Thank you for your interest!

$10.00 - $250.00


$10 Advance & Day of Show/ $20 Premier Red Room/ $100 Premier Tables/ $250 Premier Cabanas 

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