Deep Fried, Grayskul


As part of the Pacific Northwest indie rap collective Oldominion, Grayskul made a name for themselves regionally with futuristic sci-fi raps over gloomy, innovative production from the likes of Mr. Hill and Smoke before catching the attention of Rhymesayers Entertainment while touring with Eyedea & Abilities. Opening for Atmosphere on the At It Again Tour in 2005, emcees Onry Ozzborn (aka Reason) and JFK (aka Recluse) took to the stage with aliens draped over their shoulders and televisions set to static on either side of the turntables. From the early days of their existence, it was clear that Grayskul was on another plane.

Lone Wolf & Kub

Lone Wolf and Kub are made up of father Nathan "Shao Sosa" and son Marquise "Nobi" Green. The Hip Hop duo represent the top left corner of the US Washington State. Their music pays homage to the golden era of Hip Hop with machete sharp lyricism, honest social commentary, and deep personal introspection.

Ralph Reign

Straight outta' the Astral Plane, is Ralph Reign. Dive into rich funky/jazzy hip hop rooted textures, woven with conscious and delicately crafted lyrics.WA

Pilz Beats

Pilz creates samples from the world around him, melding the serene expressions of cities, spirited rainforests and ethereal synth work into soundscapes that delve the listener into a blissed-out world of nostalgia and groove filled psychedelia. Funky horn riffs, experimental jazz-keys and dimension ripping bass-lines are all tested components of Pilz’s productions - an alchemical synthesis of soul into song.

Agency/Label Affiliations and Releases: Gravitas Recordings, Street Ritual, Shadowtrix Music, Super Best Records, Funkadelphia Recordings, Modern Illusion


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