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Greyhound Soul

RIYL: Drive-By Truckers, The Jayhawks, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen

"Dark, compelling, hypnotic, swimmy...Greyhound Soul's third release is all of these things. It's also bluesy and smart and weird and jammy. Driven by singer Joe Pena's meandering, gruff melodies, the band's sound is somewhere between Tom Waits and Neil Young, caught in a strange limbo between the retro blues rock of the Black Crowes and the post-apocalyptic Southern gothic sound of 16 Horsepower." - Performing Songwriter

"Greyhound Soul's... sound, which takes a chapter from the book of Tom Waits, some pages from Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and (soul), and creates a book all of their own. Lead singer Joe Pena has a perfectly gravelly voice that is similar enough to Waits to draw the obvious comparisons but not forced into aping his style. Filled with thick, bluesy guitar riffs, organ, harmonica, and stellar instrumentation all around, Greyhound Soul have crafted two deliciously gritty, soulful, and bluesy rock albums to soothe your dusty soul and to imbibe to." - Delusions of Adequacy

"Mournful, bluesy and a wee bit rocking, calling Greyhound Soul a "bar band" would not be far from the truth nor an insult. Greyhound Soul plays it straight and plays it well" - In Your Ear

Gabriel Sullivan

Gabriel Sullivan’s latest solo album, JVPITER, finds Sullivan stripping away the horns and percussion of his last project, Taraf de Tucson, to bring the focus on the songs themselves. Frequently Sullivan tours his solo material with just him and his guitar, so getting to see him with backing bands upwards of ten musicians is a rare treat.



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