Sick Thoughts (New Orleans)

If you don’t know Sick Thoughts, you don’t know punk. The band is the mighty Drew Owen. Baltimore born and bred, he then up and moved to the swamps of New Orleans while still a teenager. The general consensus was he’d be another casualty of The Big Easy decadence, and would soon be seen hitting up tourists for money on Bourbon Street with a dog on a rope. But somehow he got hooked up with the best (worst?) folks in the city and kept making great music. That, and the fact that forty-ounce bottles just bounce off his head, have kept him alive. Rock and roll romance and the promise of socialized health care sent him to the (imaginary?) home of Killed By Death punk, Helsinki, Finland. Which makes perfect sense—this album is like the perfect KBD record, full of buzzsaw guitars, machine gun drums and hooks that hit like a tire iron. Owen’s brand of aural early-20s angst, with doses of Zero Boys, Reatards, and early Crüe, mixed with the stench of the streets, has never sounded better. This album clearly puts Sick Thoughts on top of the punk heap. It’s Owen’s world—get in it!

Spodee Boy (Nashville)

“Nashville's Spodee Boy aka Connor Cummins, embraces being weird. The band's press release calls Cummins both the cities' "greatest cartoon weirdo" and "premier freak" before you've even read as far as the text's body. The one man band's ramshackle lo-fi punk draws heavily from the Devo gene pool, but Spodee Boy has devolved a bit further from the tree, back to a primal state where structure, intent, and any resemblance of clarity are foreign ideas. This is the filth, the underbelly, the audible insanity where rudimentary blown-out chaos reigns supreme, captured at it's rawest on a 4-track Tascam. It's a mess of freaked out post-punk for all those with fried minds.” - Post Trash

Midnite Snaxx

Oakland punk-extra crunchy!

$8.00 - $10.00


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