Zion I w/ Illuminati Congo, Thin Air Crew, NINJA PHIL, Luke Hightree, Resonate, Babah Fly

Since the release of the debut album, Mind Over Matter in 2000, Zion I has risen up the ranks of independent hip-hop to solidify their standing as one of the most prolific conscious rap groups of the past 2 decades. Boasting a catalog that consists of over two-dozen albums, EPs, mixtapes and collaborations, Zion I (currently consisting solely of MC/producer Zumbi) continues to create inspired music influenced by social & political woes, personal challenges & triumphs as well as family, spirituality and a raw perspective on the world at large.

Illuminati Congo

Illuminati Congo is a Chicago based hip hop group with their second full length album, “All Eye See” scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2011. Vocalist Jahn The Baptist and producer Nic The Graduate create an infectious blend of head nodding beats and unexpected subject matter that will have you begging for a rewind! Musical influences range from classic reggae to classic rock creating an equal blend of modern synth-and-sampler driven hip hop and danceable, live band instrumenta- tion. The sound is reminiscent of artists such as Nas and Damian Marley with a hint of Gym Class Heroes thrown in. There is much more space for the musicians to shine than is typical in hip hop. Instrument solos and "dubs" are mixed throughout, giving the lyrics time to settle in and just feel the rhythm. Breakup songs come across just as heart-felt as songs about sexy yoga chicks and the anguish of having a foot fetish- often in a not so subtle tongue in cheek manner.

Thin Air Crew

20 years ago musician’s DMFC, LA ROSE, and A.Will all fell in love with that mystical mistress called music. Each studied her intensely. Thousands of patient and trying hours poured into listening, learning, trying, failing, crafting, and performing. The history of world music, the history of our hip-hop instruments, the history of our forefathers. Each member of the Crew developed a unique understanding of the world around them and how music influenced perceptions. Chance encounters several years ago brought together these artists to create original sounds, fresh beats, and interesting stories. This is an adventure of success and odd failures. This is our art.

Luke Hightree

Luke Hightree is a Denver based MC.

1/2 of duo Whiskey&Wood.

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Babah Fly

90s-ish Hip-Hop, Electro-Funk-Punk and beyond! Knowledge dropped over brilliant beats. Verbal Reiki Spitter. Babah Fly Jedi/Sufi.

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