Jon Bucklew - drums
Bryan Laurenson - guitars, piano
James Likeness - bass, backing vocals
Aaron Marsh - vocals, guitars, mellotron, organ, piano

It's been almost six years since Copeland has released new music. Though each member has been pursuing new ventures, inside and outside of the music industry both collectively as well as individually, Aaron Marsh, Bryan Laurenson, Stephen Laurenson, and Jonathan Bucklew have reunited to record and self-release their 5th full-length album, Ixora. The record will be recorded and produced by Aaron Marsh at his studio in Lakeland, FL, The Vanguard Room.

From Indian Lakes

"From Indian Lakes could easily be handpicked as one of the best alternative rock bands most people have never heard of. The California quintet blend intelligent and touching lyrics with entrancing rock to create a musical organism that sounds like Brand New's poetic yet daring younger brother." - Blare Magazine

" of the better unknown efforts of 2009...if you are akin to tapestries of sonic guitars, vocals with impressive range, and a very personal approach filled with echoed pianos and acoustics, then "The Man With Wooden Legs" will feel like a worthy journey that will take you where few have traveled, and even less have succeeded in. Score: 4.5/5"- BringOneMixedReviews

"This album overall sounds beautiful, and will be something new for those of you who enjoy Enter Shikari and Circa Survive." -The Interlude

Captain is a project dedicated to making music that reaches out to every personality and every faith with the hope of ultimately furthering the kingdom of God. Our music/shows/encounters are centered around meeting new people, sharing good music and general community and fellowship. With an ambient, lyrically focused and simple style, we believe that our music is a ministry, and that our shows are a mission. We do not wish to simply be a "band" but to also fulfill God's command for us by loving and showing compassion to every person we meet and by sharing music that hopefully allows every person to connect to on an emotional level. This is not just about making good music, touring or being well-known. It's all about Jesus.

$20 - $25


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