It Looks Sad.

It Looks Sad.

It Looks Sad. originally began playing shows in early 2012 under the name It Looks Sad, That's Why I Said It's You. After a few line-up shifts the band emerged in late 2013 under the shortened name, It Looks Sad. In the Winter of 2013 the band recorded a handful of shimmering, sharp guitar pop / post-punk songs that echo the influence of bands like Surfer Blood and Beach Fossils. Along with the shortened moniker, It Looks Sad. professes a leaner, more straight-forward approach with their new material.

Performing with a rotating lineup of musicians, Peaer is an object set in motion, staying in motion. Songwriter Peter Katz (formerly of Fugue, Poverty Hollow, Suns) has an understanding of dynamics, amplitude, and melody as they interact as physical bodies, pushing, pulling, peaking and falling. Consequently, Peaer produces songs about communication as a force on a linguistic and kinetic level communication between individuals, between yourself and other self, between your heart and your brain.

2016 introduced a series of serendipitous events that led childhood friends Dash Williams, Justin Sterchele, Branden Bauer, and Anthony Massucci back together in the city of brotherly love. This doubled-pair dynamic from Chester County, PA have a built-in chemistry like no other.

Past Life challenges what is expected of music - their sound is full of unique chord progressions, embellished instrumental layers, and unmatched energy that pours into their electrifying live performances. They have carved out the indie, alt-rock sound and made it entirely their own - best exemplified on their 2017 EP release, Triple Nothing. Dash’s daring and emotionally charged lyrics delve into the challenging topics of existence, mental illness, aging, friendships, and of course, the occasional love song.

After playing opening shows for both Foster The People and Hobo Johnson, Past Life released their newest EP, The Loudest Sound, on July 13th with Mad Dragon Music Group and went on a three week co-headlining tour with Montreal based Molly Drag. They're currently in the process of writing their debut album slated to be released sometime in 2019.

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