Filmspeed, The Angry Abbys (closing set), Damper, Donovan Plant


Two parts Motown, one part Tinseltown, all parts moving. This is how Detroit power trio Filmspeed describe their intricate sound. Comprised of Craig Broomba (vocals, guitars), Nick Stout (bass, guitar, backup vocals), and Oliver Dobrian (drums, backup vocals), Filmspeed combines blood pumping anthems, melodic hooks, and soulful grooves to create a sound that is uniquely their own. What originally started under a different name in 2004 has evolved into what Filmspeed is today, a band dedicated to the stage life, thriving on the live music experience. The name stems on a reflection of memories and past events that tell a story from your point of view. The band explains, “[memories] always comes in bits and pieces like chopped up scenes from a movie about yourself. As more crazy things happen in this life, the more you’re living at the speed of a film; Filmspeed.”

The Angry Abbys (closing set)

Donovan Plant

Former San Francisco private detective Donovan Plant spent nearly two decades chasing leads and tailing cheaters before returning to his musical roots. He blends rock, pop and country influences with lyrics inspired by the city. In 2011, Donovan released his first EP, "Be With You" (Niteflite Music - Germany), which included a video produced and directed by Ricky Kelley. He volunteers regularly with Bread and Roses Presents and had the honor of playing inside San Quentin State Prison in 2016 and 2017 as part of their annual Day of Peace celebrations. In 2017, Donovan signed with Angel Blossom Records and began work on an EP with Grammy balloted Artist/Producer Scott Mickelson.



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