Jesse Loren Strickman Duo

Jesse Loren Strickman Duo

SF Bay Area singer-songwriter Jesse Loren Strickman is known for potent lyrics and powerfully minimal acoustic music. Emotionally charged vocals sail over jaunty acoustic chords in songs about personal love and social change.

Strickman’s music features many deep recurring themes. Personal stories of intimacy and heartbreak color a lot of his repertoire. He writes of depression, highlighting some of the darker chapters of his past, offering a bridge to those who are currently struggling. A songwriter since grade school, his music has also explored childhood, innocence, morality, romance, heartbreak, poverty, politics, the environment, and the spiritual universe.

Annually touring the Pacific West Coast as the frontman of Indie Folk bands, Strickman has played everywhere from intimate cafes to outdoor amphitheaters and festivals. He’s opened for national and world famous acts such as Damien Jurado, Jay Brannan, CAKE, The T Sisters, Aaron Ross (Hella), Night Riots, Jhameel, Lech Wierzynski (California Honeydrops) and many more.

2018 marks a new beginning for Strickman as he begins performing under his own name as a solo singer/songwriter. With it, a new major theme to his music has emerged: a need for social change in today’s world.

"Singer, Jesse Strickman, has a sweet air about him that mirrors the organic, honest lyrics within each song."
- The Examiner

"Emphasis on craftsmanship suits Strickman's personality…He's a closet perfectionist, and a songwriter who insists that every tune be its own self-contained narrative — and, moreover, that the lyrics convey the emotion from which they spawned."
- East Bay Express

"Heartfelt songs and personal experiences amplified, with loads of instrumental breaks and well-laid song lyrics."
- Monterey County Weekly

"There are a select few that understand how simple it is to create compelling music...Jesse Strickman cares about the process and it shows in his work."
- Nanobot Rock Reviews

"The lyrics are really personal, which is good. You don’t get that enough these days. Everything’s flash and complaining about stuff, rather than talking about what really matters in life."
- Larry Kelp, Radio Host KPFA 94.1FM Berkeley

"Jesse Strickman has no filter on his emotions and pours his heart out in every thought out lyric."
- Awaken Cafe, Downtown Oakland Music Venue

"For all its pathos, most of his music is swaddled in warm melodies and jaunty rhythms, which serve as a kind of hygienic varnish."
- East Bay Express

"These aren’t your run-of-the-mill 'this is a sad song' lyrics. They made me think...I appreciate the honesty in these lyrics."
- Relate Mag

"The painfully real track [Kicking Soot] beautifully divides itself between captivating harmonies and punctuating lyric."
- Nanobot Rock Reviews

"It’s the strong emotional impulse driving this song [Lovers Recipe] that sells me on it and gets me listening over and over. I love a song that makes me feel something, and this one does. It’s a melancholy and nostalgic feeling, reinforced by its lyrics."
- SF Critic



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