Bass Music With Soul. Live Sax.

"To be SoDown is to seize every opportunity, explore new grounds, try new things and ultimately live the most epic life possible. This universe is far too beautiful and life is simply too short to not do what makes you happy. Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the world and Bass Music is my way of expressing it."

SoDown (Ehren River Wright) is a staple in the Colorado music scene. His first headline show was a huge success, selling out before doors. Thanks to a passionate fanbase, Ehren has quickly taken his music to a national stage, playing many festivals across the US. A SoDown set is not one to miss. Featuring live saxophone, Ehren takes the crowd on an intimate sensory adventure through space and time. His latest tracks include a wide array of musical talents, including his keen ear for sound design and production as well as his never ending dedication to organic instrumentation. Combining infinite influences, Ehren describes his music as an endlessly evolving medley of many different genres, culminating in a uniquely diverse style of bass music. 2018 has much promise, as SoDown continues to prove himself as one of the most dedicated and innovative acts in the game.

The Starfoxx Project

The Starfoxx Project is a limitless musical journey through space fronted by vocalist, Adamm Starfoxx. Although Adamm rocks a unique hip-hop style of music he doesn't believe in genre restrictions. There are no boundaries that hold him back from making any style of music. The Starfoxx Project was constructed after a lifetime of musical experiences and influences. Molded from multiple genres such as: EDM, Hip-hop, Country, Pop, Rock/Metal, Rap and Industrial Music, listeners will find themselves immersed in a musical storyline of love, betrayal, madness and hope. Every song will tell you a story and pull you into another world. Close your eyes, open your soul, and let The Starfoxx Project move you across the universe.

$12 ADV // $14 DOS

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