TRL Dance Party

TRL Dance Party

TRL Dance Party is a new monthly party at Kung Fu Necktie! Every 4th Friday with DJ Dame Luz! Late 90s to mid 00's jams all night! Plus live voting!

This is the Valentine's Hangover Edition! You'll be able to cast your vote for your favorite 90s/00s musician celebrity couple and their songs will be played at 1AM! (Example: Justin and Britney! JLo and PDiddy! Jessica and Nick! Avril and Deryck! etc)

$5 until midnight! 21+ Party photos by Influence!

Britney Spears / Destiny’s Child / Jay-Z / Christina Aguilera / 50 Cent / Kelly Clarkson / Blink 182 / Eminem / NYSNC / Simple Plan / Backstreet Boys / Limp Bizkit / No Doubt / J-Lo / Ricky Martin / Hilary Duff / Avril Lavigne / Shakira / Ashlee Simpson / Usher / Good Charlotte / Sisqo / Pink / etc


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