Aural Fixation with No Sir E, QQQ, Pastaboss, and Stamoulo

NO SIR E is the 6'8" soft-spoken electronic producer, performing artist, and monome loop technician bellowing beats from the sleepy state of Delaware. He's been moving and shaking basements, bars, art galleries and warehouses across the country sharing stages with Falcons, Ikey Owens (of Mars Volta), KOAN Sound, Two Fresh and LA's favorite Dandyist, Daedelus.

Similarly to Daedelus, he nimbly triggers swirls of hip-hop influenced elements both familiar and unfamiliar into a swarming multi-genre tidal-wave of heavy beats and haunting melodies. His productions feature glitched-out field samples, 8 bit harmonies, and household percussion stylishly arranged to satisfaction.

His forthcoming studio EP "Pocketed" is set to be released summer 2014 under creative label The Leap, whose diverse roster includes monome creators tehn and Kelli Cain.


$8 - $10

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Doors 8PM | Show 8PM

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