The Siren Morro Bay presents . . .
"The Siren Valentine's Day Spectacular”
Cabaret Menagerie & BiG SuRCuS
a musical, magical, variety show for Lovers and Loners
Performers from across the globe & the local coast will engage you in a flirty, fun-filled evening
including performances by a Live Mermaid, Botticelli's Venus in Burlesque and a Chorus of Dancing Beauties!
Dress to impress in vintage/cocktail attire as we step back in time to an era of glamour & elegance!

BiG SuRCuS established in 2000 is the blossom of a friendship between Jessica Cooper, the elegant, dark romantic Bellydancer and Rosalia Webster the charming firedancing wordsmith.
Dazzling with Extraordinary Fire Dance, Classy Cabaret, and Divine Prayerformance, BiG SuRCuS is at your service. Beautifying public and private venues. Travelling shows are available to allure you, in state, country and world.

Rosalia’s productions are delightful, and starlet Jessica is enchanting. Rosalia is a strong, fierce beauty when wielding flames. She is grounded and powerful in ritual and amusing and flirty in her custom cabarets.
Jessica has timeless grace and leaves one spellbound as she articulates ancient wisdom through her dance.

Performances include: Fiery Poi, Parasol Aflame, Heart Fire, Warrioress Fire Swords, Flaming Whale Bone, Caravana Veil, and Vintage Toy-time.
Burlesque skits include: “SuRCuS Strong Woman”, “Tub Time”, “Coquettish Chair” and “Percival & the Top Hat”.
BiG SuRCuS shows include: “Coutry Crunk”, “ToY BoX”, “West of Eden” “Caravana Alquimia” and "Limelight Cababret"
Rituals Rosalia conducts include: “ Alchemy Adventures” “Empress Rites” and “Rituale Elementi”.
Jessica can be booked for private bellydance classes or visit her Friday class in Monterey.

Cabaret Menagerie

This is Cabaret Menagerie's debut performance and includes dazzling performances by a cabaret singer, burlesque performers and a chorus of dancing beauties that all have their own unique talents and specialties. Combining modern choreography and music with a vintage flair our alluring show girls will amaze you with their versatility, style and talent. Performing everything from classic top hat and cane teasers to burlesque/opera juxtapositions, fan dancing and sexy chair routines, this show is designed to thrill, delight and surprise you!

Choreographer/Producer Nicole Holst’s past productions have been featured in the NY Times and include the full length "Brooklyn Follies" which featured 12 different acts in the style of the Ziegfeld Follies shows of the 20's. She has produced several dance theatre works at such famous venues as the Merce Cunningham Studios, BRAG Vaudeville Festival and Galapagos ArtSpace in NY as well as being commissioned for special events including the American Folk Art Museum’s Young Patron’s night and Boardwalk Empire Screening. She is excited to share this exciting new troupe with you and to perform at one of her favorite venues on the Central Coast!

$20.00 - $25.00


            ***First come first serve limited seating***
7:00-8:00pm: Circus sideshow & Surprises, Main Event 8-10pm
             ~ Food and Drinks available for purchase ~


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