Schtick A Pole In It: Frank Sinatra Edition

Schtick A Pole In It: Frank Sinatra Edition

From comedians Dan Goodman and JoAnna Ross comes Schtick A Pole In It,
a night of comedy and pole dancing. Schtick starts with a comic and ends with a pole dancer. 5 comics and 5 dancers. Comics tell jokes. Pole dancers pole dance. They’re not strippers, it’s not burlesque. It’s aerial dance with a side of crazy gymnastics and death defying tricks that make your jaw drop.

This month's theme is Frank Sinatra. We are going to do this My Way because That's Life. No need to say Something Stupid or Fly to the Moon. Come out to Schtick because The Best Is Yet To Come in 2019. If you don't see shows like this why are you even paying these crazy rents.

Dan Goodman (Skinja, Fusion Network)
JoAnna Ross (creator of Schtick)
Ophira Eisenberg (Ask Me Another NPR)
Emma Willmann (Crazy Ex- Girlfriend CW)
Special Guest TBA

Ashley Amy (Pole Position)
Jamie Lee Martini (Pole Play)
Lara Michaels (USPDF champion)
Brittnai Pytlar (USPDF Pro)
Brandon Rosario (Cirque Dreams Studio, Body+)

$20.00 - $30.00

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