Left Coast Community Events presents CBD:  Medical Life Stories presented

Left Coast Community Events presents CBD: Medical Life Stories presented

Left Coast Community Events will present an educational seminar entitled CBD Medical Life Stories featuring Adam Jacques, Tanesha Smelser, Cassie Peters and a live broadcast from Shelly Brodeur Waterman from Vermont at Whirled Pies on Tuesday, December 18, 2018.

Part of a new series entitled CBD: Managing Health, the CBD Medical Life Stories seminar will examine the trials and tribulations of managing CBD medicine, especially in children. Jacques will detail his experience breeding CBD strains and helping people all over the country find safe, legal CBD medicine for their family members. Smelser will describe her experience managing CBD for pediatrics. Peters will explain why CBD is still in perpetual purgatory legally. Brodeur Waterman will broadcast her experience assisting Vermont families of children with special needs manage CBD as medicine.

Sponsored by Eugene OG, the lecture will begin at 6 p.m. A donation fee will be requested either in advance or at the door. Advance donation tickets will be available on Friday, November 9, 2018 from the Left Coast Community Events website.

Best known for his work with and breeding of some of the most iconic CBD strains on Earth, Adam Jacques is a cannabis industry consultant, medical cannabis expert and breeder from Eugene. In 2016 Adam was awarded Most Influential in the Industry specifically for his work with seizure disorders and CBD development. Jacques is a regular speaker at cannabis industry events across the country focusing on breeding unique genetics, cannabis oil treatments, and cultivation. He is also active on his podcast JacquesCast available on Youtube and SoundCloud. Jacques is also a regular contributor to GROW Magazine.

The Executive Director for The Forrest Initiative, Tanesha Smelser is a native Oregonian and passionate advocate for the pediatric cannabis population. Smelser has spent the entirety of her professional life in healthcare. From administrative to nursing, cutting edge hospitals to struggling rehabilitation facilities; supporting those in need sits at the center of her calling.

Smelser is married to her partner of eighteen years. Together they four teenagers. One was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2014. Her mother and brother would follow suit with epilepsy diagnoses in the subsequent year. Today, Smelser is humbled by her role as. Currently TFI supports 70% of the pediatric medical cannabis patients and their families in the Pacific Northwest.

Driven by a desire to provide clients with individualized legal services, Cassie Peters founded Cassie Peters Legal + Consulting, LLC to serve clients throughout Oregon. Cassie helps clients understand and navigate both basic and complex legal matters, while creating customized solutions that allow her clients to focus on achieving their goals.

Cassie brings an integrated approach to her practice, drawing on her experience as an entrepreneur, tax preparer, researcher, consultant, and attorney. Prior to her legal career, Cassie was the owner of Dark Hollow, a hemp clothing business based in Eugene. After earning her law degree from University of Oregon School of Law and a master’s degree in agriculture and food law from the University of Arkansas, she produced an in-depth report on rural local food system infrastructure, ran a local food nonprofit organization, and helped launch a quarterly food and farm magazine. She has also published several legal articles exploring land use, regulation, and incentives for urban agriculture and stronger local food systems. Through these diverse experiences, Cassie has developed a deep understanding of the interplay between federal, state, and local law and an appreciation of the powerful impact collaboration, support services, and access to information have on businesses operating in today’s fast-paced environment.

Shelly Brodeur Waterman of the Vermont Family Network will broadcast from Vermont her experience empowering and supporting all Vermont families of children with special needs throughout the state by giving a strong start, lifting family’s voices, and advancing inclusive communities.

The lecture presentation is the second of a planned series entitled CBD: Managing Health and is produced by Left Coast Community Events, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency dedicated to producing educational events.




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