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"Miles Chancellor is an underground rapper from West Philadelphia with a penchant for brooding verses and stellar production" -Joe Pitts, Vice Noisey

Ishmial Basil Williams better known as his stage name “Ish Williams” is a Hip-Hop artist based out of Collingswood, NJ. At 23-years-old Williams shared his debut EP ‘GOD LISTENS’ only a year ago. Ish was born in Frankford, Phila, but moved to Collingswood, NJ at a very young age.
After high school, he was forced to move back to Philadelphia, which gave him a very unique outlook on his environment, living life through the eyes of both the middle class suburbs and the low income areas of the city.

As ‘GOD LISTENS’ began to pick up traction locally, so did Ish’s “WE ALL WE GOT” movement, which is heavily rooted throughout the EP. Ish was in a very dark place at this point in his life, dealing with depression and suicidal tendencies, due to a lack of support and direction with his career.

Forced to drop out of college and move back to the hood to assist his ill mother, Ish began to hustle to provide for his family, until he was arrested twice for distribution of marijuana. This put things in perspective for Ish, allowing him to realize that essentially all we have is each other. Coming from a divided, yet creative community in South Jersey where beef was more prominent than collaboration and a divided country where police brutality is more prominent than justice, the term “WE ALL WE GOT” began to resonate with Ish and his peers more than ever. This is when Ish Williams decided he was going to make music for a positive change and to help others.

By encouraging local collaboration, Ish Williams enventually connected with Mir Fontane for their regional hit, “Wanni Wag,” which also led to the birth of the “$outh$ide” movement. Within months of “Wanni Wag” taking off, the song was remixed by G.O.O.D. Music producer, Charlie Heat, which included OVO Sound producer, and fellow Jersey native, Mike Zombie.

Since appearing on “Wanni Wag,” Williams has kept things in motion by performing alongside OG Maco, Alex Wiley, Trill Sammy, MadeinTYO, PnB Rock, Metro Boomin, Rakim and has already shared a handful of new releases in 2017.

Most importantly, Ish Williams shared his most personal, and polished project to date: ‘Sonia’s Son’ LP in November. This project not only captures his relationship with his mother, but also his transistion into becoming a man after moving back home.

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