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The Gothsicles

THE GOTHSICLES are THE INDUSTRIAL OPTION WHAT NOW HAILS FROM BOSTON. From dimensional rifts and the sea’s cold abyss emanates STYGIAN RHYTHMS AND DANCE MECHANISMS. It’s mostly four on the floor EBM for nerds.

Transdusk is the alias of multi-instrumentalist, T.S. Moth. Drawing inspiration from cyberpunk films of the 80’s and 90’s, paleontology, and Buddhist and Hindu philosophy/iconography, T.S. composes industrial metal sonically informed by punk, goth, and gypsy jazz chord voicings.

Established in 1999 under the name Tyrant Machine, the body of work that would become Transdusk started out as a series of instrumental demos. From there, T.S. developed more material until he released his first official track, “Cemetery Rising”, on the Ghosts of Horrortown compilation from the now defunct Horrortown Records based in Salem, MA. “Cemetery Rising” was then re-recorded to be joined by four more songs and released as the TOCSIN: the demo sessions EP in 2006. Limited to a run of 50 discs, TOCSIN would be T.S.’ only release as Transdusk until six years later when he finally unleashed his eponymous album on July 13th, 2012.

With the Transdusk LP out, T.S. started developing a live show that could run with anywhere from one to six backing musicians. During this period he decided to transpose and re-record all of TOCSIN: the demo sessions except for “Cemetery Rising” to add on to the LP and finally release the complete package as Transdusk (Physical Release Edition) on October 13th, 2013.

What followed was a lengthy writing (and re-writing) process for what would become his sophomore effort. This start-stop process was punctuated by deep depression, euphoric highs, and major life changes. From these experiences, lessons, and reflections came the ten tracks that would make up his 2016 album, Terra Ultra.

Big Time Kill

Combining punk rock energy with synth-driven dance beats and digitally mangled guitars, Big Time Kill is the product of Boston based multi-instrumentalists Adam Schneider and Ben Caccia. Beginning in early 2014 as a series of experiments with computer-processed guitar techniques, Big Time Kill draws influence from the sonic exploration of post-punk, industrial, and progressive rock to produce their own mix of glitchy funk and hook-driven melodies. With a deep fascination for music technology, Big Time Kill self-produces and engineers all their music, and performs live as an energetic guitar wielding duo alongside an onslaught of synchronized lights and triggered samples.

After releasing a stream of singles and remixes in 2014, the group self released their first EP in July 2015. Throughout 2016 and 2017 the duo continued to perform live while releasing singles and creating official remixes for electro-industrial acts Panic Lift, Night Club, and Rabbit Junk. In October 2018 Big Time Kill released their first full length album “Shock and Awe”.

MORIS BLAK is a pulse driven descent into the catacombs of the dance underground. Fusing the cold aggression of industrial music with the surgical precision of modern bass music, MORIS BLAK is the hymn for your warehouse rituals. Performances are a vortex of adrenaline and dread, playing their unique brand of bleak electronics to a backdrop of haunting visuals. Prepare to join the cult of industrial bass music. MORIS BLAK has been releasing music through Blind Mice Productions since 2016.

Sawtooth has been spinning industrial, dark-dance, and video game remix music for clubs and parties since 2013, bringing foot-stomping mechanical beats and rhythms to the underground scene. As a DJ he has cut a swath of hard-hitting tunes all across New England, headlining events in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine, as well as opening events for touring DJs and artists like End: The DJ, Mitomoro, and Technorch.

Also a producer, Sawtooth is formerly a member of the online netlabels and collectives BreakBit and Futures Passed Music, and has produced official remixes for international artists like Massive Ego, Dear Strange, Metroland, K-The-I???, Transdusk, War Twins, McMangos, and many more.



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