Sunfellow is a bay area band that envelops a melodic 60's/ early 70's vibe falling somewhere between Harry Nilsson, the Zombies and Jefferson Airplane.Their sound is defined by ethereal harmonies and stark lyrics. Their new self-titled ep tells stories of love, longing, mysterious beaches and life beyond the stars.

Folk Revival

Folk Revival is a collaboration of Bay Area folk musicians Clementine Darling and Jacob Sims. Clementine Darling is an American folk singer-songwriter out of Sonoma County, California. Jacob Sims is a Bay Area transplant from rural Ohio, and a born and bred blues, rock, and country multi-instrumentalist. Together, Folk Revival aims to revive the tradition of stories that will warm your heart.

Box of Matches

Box of Matches is a folk punk / indie rock band from Martinez, California. Formed in 2017, they are composed of Aaron Baker as rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Kendra Meneghetti as lead guitar as well as back up vocals, Christian Perez on the drums and Garrett as bassist. Sometimes lyrically dense, songs from Box of Matches range in subject matter from sexual tension to financial duress to heart failure.

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