The Groundhawgs

The Groundhawgs

The Groundhawgs, who originally hail from Manchester, CT, were started by 4 high-school friends in 1987. Their combination of rock and roll, punk, and humor yielded their first release "Beggin' For a Beatin'" in 1988. They played locally, went to college, and released a 2nd album "Bare Wire" in 1989. In 1990, they were signed to a tiny label for about 5 minutes for the release of a beer can-shaped single for the song "Who's Gonna Buy the Beer Tonight?" (flipside--"Mama Never Baked Me A Blueberry Pie"). They continued with a series of enthusiastic live shows, finished with college and decided it was time to take music to the next level.

The Groundhawgs moved to Rhode Island in 1991 to join the thriving alternative rock scene of Providence/Boston and become rock stars. Their bass player changed from time to time but Mike O'Rourke (drums/vocals), Bill Cole (guitar/vocals), and Ray Memery (guitar/vocals) remained a constant. Their music became more melodic with their 3rd full-length release "Bite Back on the Bile" in 1992. The Hawgs played constantly throughout New England, gaining a few fans and honing their songwriting skills. They released "Glitter" in 1993, which yielded the song "Whiskey Daisy". This song received local radio airplay and became a staple of their ever-increasing live shows as alternative rock became the music of the time thanks to Nirvana/Pearl Jam. The Hawgs basically stopped in 1995, but the members continued playing music non-stop in other projects.

In 2011, Mike, Bill, and Ray reunited to record a song for a compilation CD and decided to start playing again as The Groundhawgs. The Hawgs then recorded their CD "Warbirds" in Ray's basement, enlisted the talented Mike Wynn to play bass and picked up where they left off! 2012's "Warbirds" has received great reviews and their live shows are as exciting as ever!

You go from winning Best New Band one year to nabbing Best Rock Band the next. Simple, right?

"To be honest, we had no expectations about winning last year, so we thought it was almost a fluke," said Mike Forgette, guitarist and singer for the Newington-area prog-rock titans 1974. "We thought we had our five minutes of fame. To be nominated [this year] amazed every single member of the band."

What started as a lark — a bunch of musicians getting together once a week to write songs and geek out over complicated story lines — has turned into much more. "It wasn't very public," Forgette said. "We were friends before we were band mates." 1974 now has a full-length album, 1974 & The Battle For the Lazer Fortress, and two 5-song EPs: The Return and A Soldier's Tale. It's theatrical and conceptual rock, and much of it is woven together through character development, back-story, exposition and so on. And guitars.

Their next full-length album, 1974 & The Dearth of The Herald, drops in October. They've already booked Arch Street Tavern for a Halloween throwdown with Little Ugly and Shag Frenzy.

"We want to get as much exposure and reach people who like it, but we don't want to sacrifice the fact that we started this band because we wanted to," Forgette said. "Sometimes we want to just take a step back and keep it fun. As soon as it starts feeling like work, that's when we want to stop." —Michael Hamad

Nails Hide Metal

“Rock won't eliminate your problems, but it will let you sort of dance all over them.” - Pete Townshend

“I just do what I do. I like to make music.” - Neil Young

After discussing the music that they listened to and loved, MeLinda Dalton and Russ Quinn got together to write and play. The chemistry was perfect to develop the songs that came out of the union in 2009. In 2010, they recorded a six song EP titled ‘Ghost’ under the name The Ninas. In 2011, they recorded their second EP ‘Where Are We Now’ and changed their name to NAILS HIDE METAL (a line from their song ‘Matter’). A third is in production and close to release.

While the two recorded and produced ‘Where Are We Now’, an atmosphere of musical experimentation began to take place and their sound emerged.

The duo can be described as Indie Rock but influences heard go further. Rock… Alternative… Country… Singer/Songwriter … Pub and Punk Rock …

NAILS HIDE METAL can be heard on a variety of radio stations including WPKN, WPLR and WESU.

Check and for show dates. To get on the direct NAILS HIDE METAL email list or to get a CD email:
Email for booking, promotion and other correspondence.

Russ Quinn – guitars, bass and “other” instruments, vocals
MeLinda Lidia Dalton – drums, percussion and “other” instruments, vocals

$7.00 - $10.00


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