Super Sonic Soul Pimps

Alien mother; earthly pimp ... 3 humalien are conceived. Papa pimp dies in the heat of cruel alien passion. His humalien triplet sons learn to play guitar, bass and drums. Taboo, Intellijamus and Otto E. Roticize are adopted by Dr. Wonder Bred, the reculsive scientist who orchestrated the bizarre mating experiment which brought them to life. The human scientist and keyboardist, Wonder Bred, together with his therapist/legendary Tuvan banjoist Kimo corral the humalien stepsons' musical prowess into the Super Sonic Soul Pimps with a mission to spread their peculiar musical gospel to the remote nether regions of the globe and beyond.

Do not fear! Ignorance is your locker buddy; panic your panacea. Grab a mouthful of Super Sonic Soul Pimps and a slice of Wonder Bred for your rocket ship has, at long last, arrived. Vrrrrroooom!!!

Johnie smokes dope!!!!

Skeptical? Read the classified FBI file:

Originally formed as a tribute to the 90’s band Morphine, YAR quickly started writing their own material and in March of 2017 recorded their debut album “42”. Released in October 2017, “42” showcases YAR's own style of songwriting. Sandy Dickerson ( slide bass, vocals ), Chris Poage ( baritone saxophone, accordion ) and Casey Brookbush ( drums and percussion ) weave together grooves and ambient soundscapes creating a psychedelic sound inspired by the classic bands they love.

$10 advance / $15 day of show / $20 ticket-poster bundle!

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The Super Sonic Soul Pimps co-headline at Festival Sayulita on Feb 2nd 2019!  Get your EPIC 13"x24" screen-printed 3SP Mexico Tour poster AND a ticket to the show for only $20!  

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*Posters WILL be available for purchase at the show, HOWEVER they will cost $20 at the show if you don't buy it pre-sale here with a ticket so don't wait, get your ticket/poster package NOW!  Save yer butt some cash and by more shots for Otto!

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