AdHoc Presents: Tommy Newport

Tommy Newport

Tommy Newport is an 18-year old singer, songwriter and record producer
born in Manchester, England. Tommy relocated to the USA with his family when he was 6 years old. From there he bounced around living in Dallas and Seattle before finally settling down in Wichita, Kansas.
Tommy Newport puts all his skills on display with the stunning release of his debut album “Just To Be Ironic”. Support for Tommy has been strong since the start, with co-signs, by BadBadNotGood, Giles Peterson, Sticky Fingers, rotation on Best Of The Week by Apple Music, featured in HBO’s hit TV show Ballers, and industry tastemakers alike. Tommy, independently released the album "So Long And Thanks" (under the name Milmine) in 2017, with absolutely no promotion or marketing behind the project, the project eclipsed over 2 million streams across YouTube, Spotify & Apple Music.
The 13-track album is a personal diary from Tommy and the album’s co-
producer, Toronto based producer 4th Pyramid. Tommy has the heart and soul of a true musician. Having released his first single “I Forgive You”, a funk soaked ballad that takes listeners deeper into Tommy’s idyllic world, the buzz began to spread. With years beyond his age in craftsmanship, Tommy is moving forward in full force into 2019 with the announcement of his own headlining tour across North America.


The sounds of the city come naturally for John Wolfe, better known as Huck. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY the longtime musician has always had a knack for reflecting the rhythms and pulses of the city that never sleeps. Having been a fixture in New York’s vibrant live music scene since 2011, he has recently gained exposure outside of his home borough with his debut single “Without You” placing on the Spotify Viral 50, gaining the band a new national presence and a wider audience to expand upon their sound. Bringing the gap between the dreamy textures bedroom pop and the songwriting caliber you are used to seeing at the top of the charts, Huck has a sound and a vision all his own. His self titled debut LP was released on December 21st, 2018.

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