NIL8, very likely the longest-running, continuously together rock band in Springfield area history, continues to draw crowds, produce original music and entertain at a magnificent level after some 25 years on the local scene. With the brother team of Jeff Williams (guitar, vocals, songs) and Bruce Williams (bass) leading a long and illustrious parade of a who’s who of area drummers and lead guitarists through the years, (positions currently occupied by Wes on drums and Damon Soper on guitar), the quirky quartet has no equal in the really alternative rock music arena in the capital city. Just to give the unacquainted a brief snippet from the world of these punk-funk-pop-rock poets of positive deconstruction and seminal caterwauling, we will leave you with the official invite for Friday’s show from the NIL8 My Space page: “after you eat tofu turkey with gravy after you drag yourself out of old navy after you shop on the blackest friday PUT ON YOUR LIPSTICK AND COME OUT TO PLAY!!!! START YOOOUUUURRRR ENGINES CUZ ITS RNR TIME!”

The Dead Rabbit Circus

After 11 years of writing, playing numerous shows, and releasing a couple of records, it was time to hit the delete button. While we are all very proud of our past and will enjoy several great memories it is time to move on.

In 2007, when Josh Elam came into the fold, it was a rebirth for us. With the pressure of show schedules and in the midst of recording, Josh quickly began to pick up where past members had left off. In just 6 months of Josh being with us, we recorded a 7 song EP entitled, "Dilate, Rinse, and Repeat."

After a year of solid shows, the band took a break to focus on important things such as jobs, kids, and more jobs. While shows were sporadic in 2009 and 2010, we still kept in touch, bounced around ideas, and got together for practice when we could.

In 2011, we began to get together regularly again to begin work on ideas that had been stewing for years. Songs were coming together at a rapid pace. We were quickly realizing that the new path that we were on is where we had wanted to be for a long time. With Josh now well seasoned, and adding a huge spark to the creative process, we all felt that we needed a new identity.

On April 20th 2012, we will close the book on an 11 year history and begin writing a new story.

The Dead Rabbit Circus

Naked Strangers


Resoldered delivers rock with punk sensibilities. Based in Saint Louis, they have shared the stage with many local, regional, and national bands including the Ataris, Scott Lucas from Local H, Continental (ex-Dropkick Murphys), and The All-Girl Boys Choir (ex-Gore Gore Girls & Kelly Obsourne) among others. Resoldered makes music to get the blood pumping and the brain thinking.



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