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"""Throughout their (Crowd the Airwaves) set you could feel their undeniable edge and bad ass stage presence. Songs like 'Blood' have the catchy melodies and driving rhythm guitar you would expect from a typical punk song, but some other songs like 'Burn' have straight up hard rock DNA."" - Angela O'Reilly, Center Stage Magazine

""The band is a rollercoaster without even trying to be one, which is a really charming quality to have. Their seemingly effortless ability to move their sound is hard to find in a lot of rock bands, but they do it without coming up for air. ."" - Ryan Ansel, Divide and Conquer

""There is no possible way to not fall in love with this group of strong, loud, and beautifully foul-mouthed women."" - Karen Silva, Pancakes and Whiskey

""(Crowd the Airwaves) have made their presence strongly known in the NYC hard rock/metal scene."" -Marissa Rodriguez,

Rock And Roll and Whiskey Sours have some stuff in common: they’re both classic, time-tested, and well-loved formulae that are constantly being reinvented with fresh references.

The music of Crowd the Airwaves is that, too.

Hailing from the Outer Boroughs of New York City, the melodic rock power trio brings a fiery, take-no-prisoners mixture of classic rock, punk, glam, and modern alternative grit, injecting fresh blood into an already-diverse scene. Chunky, guitar-driven riffs and melodies complement radio-ready vocal stylings while colliding into a hard-hitting rhythm section. If Crowd the Airwaves were a Whiskey Sour, the whiskey would be the raw, unabashed power of The Runaways; the sour mix, a healthy dose of Cities-era Anberlin; the ice as the cool rush of the Foo Fighters; and garnished with a lime of the catchy pop-rock of Fleetwood Mac.

Crowd the Airwaves balances pop sensibility with uninhibited bite, just like a good drink: strong and sweet up front, and feeling it later."

The Muckrakers originated as a simple 3 piece Punk Rock band but has since honed in influences from Metal, Jazz, Funk, Ska, Dance, Pop, Progressive music and much more to create something ever changing.

"With a sound grounded in the New York punk scene, Nihiloceros treads into ‘90s Brit rock while displaying a power-pop quirkiness that suggests life in the Big Apple hasn’t dulled their Chicago (and Alaskan) roots.
But the self-proclaimed “trash pop” band isn’t too quick to cling to labels. That’s because at the root of the music are two driving principles: energy and honesty.

Fear Is Dead

In today's overcrowded Metal scene it's virtually impossible for a band to rise up and stand out, against the odds, that's what Fear Is Dead is doing.

Since 2011 they've been racking up large numbers of awe inspiring live performances, Fear is Dead has garnered the acclaim of many of New York’s underground, bringing fans from the Metal scene, and Hardcore / Punk scene together. Melting faces from BK's Knitting Factory to LES Mercury Lounge, most recently packing out Brooklyn's new Metal haven Lucky 13 Saloon. Their unique sound and intense energy some would say is reminiscent of early Machine head and Korn.

Established in 2011 by Skila and Jacqueline Burns, the early line up included Anthony Moreno Brown on drums. Jax's guitar and bass stylings set the tone for the heavy sound that would evolve to what we hear today. They released two EPs "Fear Is Dead" in 2011, and "Mourning Ritual" in 2013, that were both well received. Songs like "I'm Slow" "Lie to Me" and "Boomerang" still requested by fans today.

The band went on hiatus in 2014, and in 2015 Skila returned with a new line up, composed of Matt Pompeii on Bass, Carlos Crowcell on Drums, and newcomer David English on Guitars. This new Fear Is Dead still had the trademark strong groove and poetic introspective lyrics, but musically much heavier, and darker than it's earlier incarnation. In the beginning of 2016 the band released their 3rd EP, Eleutherophobia. An appropriately more aggressive project, reflecting the times, personally, socially, and politically. Songs like "Pretty Ugly" and "Miranda" quickly became underground favorites.

In mid 2017 the band released their 4th EP titled "What Remains EP (2017). This project was musically more experimental and creative, lyrically from a darker, more personal place.

The band's 5th EP "Omnicidal" is expected to be released late July 2018, followed but the "Omnicidal West Coast Tour Aug 5th thru the 18th.

Their music, videos, and art work all embody what Fear Is Dead is about: evolving musically and artistically. Losing yourself to find yourself, even for a moment.

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