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Make Me Famous

MAKE ME FAMOUS is guitarist/vocalist Denis Shaforostov's brainchild. Denis is the founding member of Ukrainian Screamo outfit MAKE ME FAMOUS and writes most of the bands material along with recording, mixing and producing his own music.

Always having a strong love for music from a young age, Denis let his voice and talent speak for itself by posting cover videos on Youtube. Denis found quick recognition and a strong following and was immediately hooked. Denis decided it was time to piece together a band and direct his Youtube fame to that band: MAKE ME FAMOUS.

Putting a full band in place and immediately focusing on releasing new material, MAKE ME FAMOUS pieced together 15 songs, releasing 4 on their Facebook page. Initial fan reaction blew the band away. Being one of the quickest growing unsigned bands in their genre in quite some time MAKE ME FAMOUS are ready to enter the next chapter in their lives. Fully prepared with the equipment and motivation, the day MAKE ME FAMOUS are given the opportunity to relocate to the states and tour full time, the guys will drop everything and do so as quickly as the plane tickets are booked.

With a sound that will absolutely turn heads be prepared to hear a lot of MAKE ME FAMOUS. It is just a matter of time before their music and name will resonate through clubs halls, school hallways, pages of magazines and the headphone speakers of every screamo fan alike. This started with just a dream and a guitar... watch the pieces fall into place...

"The future is up for grabs - ours for the taking..." - MAKE ME FAMOUS

Get Scared

We started the band with the motive to not be another mundane closed minded group of musicians. We were all sick of the regurgitated music that was being put out, and unhappy with how Intolerant the music scene had become in our hometown. This gave us the passion to create music that not only went against everything in our hometown scene, but also to make music that truly made us feel whole. The meaning behind the name "Get Scared" is to not hold back in life. Do whatever you are passionate about, get out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid of failure, the only way to fail is to never try at all. Get Scared


TEXAS, enough sawed offs and death penalty law to keep you far enough away. Home of the line "what happens in Texas stays in Texas," not Memphis May Fire—a few good men about to go far beyond the lone star state. I want you to meet a band that has enough BBQ, guts, and Van Halen riffs to throw on the grill. Chase Ryan, Kellen McGregor, Jeremy Grisham, Ryan Bentley, and Austin Radford are the players. With names like Chase and Austin did you think they were from New York? That's what I thought… In a scene of music where "over saturation" is an understatement, MMF makes the lion's share look like a chainsaw massacre. The band has enough look to put Jesse McCartney to shame—all the while enough musical grit and intensity to make Billy Gibbon's beard look like an unnecessary gimmick. Talk about a band that has the potential to appeal to everybody—the girl screaming in the front row more than likely has a dad that will soon be screaming the words out his pickup truck window. Just in time for Van Halen to stop arguing and plan a nostalgia tour—best of friends Memphis May Fire are just starting their trek to the arenas.

Many are unfamiliar with the sheer amount of BIG bands to come out of Dallas, the band's hometown. Talk about an exploding scene right now—you may have been unaware. Memphis May Fire started in December of 2006 with most of an EP written. They wanted to focus on music that suited them not just on the recording but mainly live. It's apparent that MMF's influences are both old and new—no fear in imitating Boston's legendary guitar harmonies here… In February of this year, the band solidified the name Memphis May Fire and although they wish they had a deep meaningful story behind the name, guess what? They don't—sure sounds great though, right?

Out to redefine southern rock—Lynyrd Skynyrd doesn't apply here, these guys have the cool factor of ZZ Top and Underoath combined. With the self-released EP earlier this year, the word spread like wildfire? Kids caught on fast to the band's music, and inking a deal with legendary northeast label Trustkill Records only a few months later was another major step. "We're a band that has worked hard both together and individually at becoming great musicians. It's taken years of practicing—personally I like it that way because you can see the difference in our performance compared to a band that hasn't worked for very long," comments Jeremy from the band. In signing to Trustkill we can expect a proper EP release in stores by the end of 2007—not a bad sequence of events to close off the year right? This is not to mention a full length record to come in 2008! Saddle up and don't mess with Texas, Memphis May Fire and Trustkill have something great in store for the current monotonous scene we're all sick of… I assure you, this is not a trend—this is real music.

Rarely does a band in today's climate have a live show that is 10 times their songs on the record—Memphis May Fire is that rarity. The band prides themselves on being able to make the live show more exciting in any way they can, and speaking of excitement Trustkill records president Josh Grabelle couldn't be more amped about the start of a long road. He comments, "there is a lot of really exciting, young, dangerous music coming out of Texas right now, and Memphis May Fire are the cream of the crop. Not since Bullet For My Valentine's "Hand of Blood" EP have we heard a more compelling set of songs for an EP, where absolutely EVERY song is bone-chillingly perfect, and timeless. These guys are on their way to something huge." Move over Motley Crue, welcome Memphis May Fire and although the average age in the band measures up to the state liquor laws, these guys have plenty of time to spread their fire, it's only a matter of months before I can say "I told you so" looking forward to it…

Against the Archaic

$10.00 - $12.00


** This event is ALL AGES, however, anyone under the age of 21 will be charged an additional 'minor surcharge' of $3 at the door. **

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