O.N.C.E. in Valhalla



Horde assemble!
It's time to party and feast with Odin and his companions.
The Gods welcome you to gather in Odin's mighty hall in Asgard.

Arm wrestle with Thor!
Test your skills with Skadi!
Feast and drink because you are mighty warriors!
(Yeah, you're dead, but you are still MIGHTY!!)

Last year's menu included:

Roast leg of lamb
Goat stew with mead and root vegetables
Cheesy oat porridge with smoked ham
Smorgasbord of house-made liverwurst, hard cheeses, and oat biscuits!
It's a feast for the Gods and  we know just exactly what the Gods want to eat 
Of course, everything is LOCAL because that is how the Cuisine en Locale Kitchen Trolls roll.

O.N.C.E. in Valhalla is pure, classic pop-up (we did it in a truck once and called it UHaulla)
Odin is all-seeing, so you never know where he will be.

Descend into the underworld with us.

We welcome you, brave, if dead, Viking!

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