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Merc and The Big Body Benz

When you mix mind blowing lyricism and love for self and kind, you get Merc...The Goddess Emcee. Mercedes Barnes, better known as Merc The Big Body Benz (formerly known as Young Merc) is a wicked warrior emcee from Jamaica, Queens. After watching her older cousin write and spit rhymes, Merc decided to write her first verse at the age of ten. That was the birth of Young Merc.

It wasn't until the age of 20 that she released her first mixtape on Reverbnation entitled: "The Big Body Benz Mixtape" under the name of Young Merc, New Years of 2010.

In February of 2014 Merc reintroduced herself to the rap game under the new name "Merc The Big Body Benz" and started performing all over NYC making quite the name for herself.

On July 25, 2016, Merc released a free EP entitled "Belated Arrival" on her birthday, signifying the long wait for her music is over. "Belated Arrival" has received praise and critical acclaim for her lyrical abilities and creativity. "Belated Arrival"
is currently available for download at

Since then Merc has been raising her two young children with her husband Mose. She's also been masterfully crafting new music that will be released in 2019. Get ready to hear Merc The Big Body Benz in a way you've never heard her before.

" Kerry is a singer songwriter, rapper, curator, columnist, and entrepreneur living in Brooklyn NYC.
Born July 27th, 1988 In Winston-Salem, NC, Kerry Blu began performing at the age of 11. Apart of the number one ranked step team in the nation, his love for entertainment grew and never ceased. While at Appalachian State University, Kerry further pursued the performing arts when he received scholarships for acting and dancing. In 2010 he formed the band Toon-Sqwad, and released his first LP entitled the Prodigal Son which garnered the attention of Grammy award winning music executive Conrad Dimanche
In 2012 Kerry won Hip Hop Artist of the year at the Charlotte Music Awards, and soon after moved to NYC to pursue music full time. He has since released 4 albums, and is currently working on his 5th; due out fall 2018.

BEX began turning her stories into songs from the moment she could talk. Her honest retellings of personal experiences have been capturing audiences ever since. BEX’s debut project ‘Dreams’ is bittersweet, inviting, and fun. Combining lush pop melodies, strong vocals, and undeniable vulnerability, BEX gives us something to dance to in the in-between moments.

Swim Team

Get In The Pool

Sexy Dance Music for 2018. Our genres bounce all over the place, and we encourage you to jump in with us. The water's fine...

Brittany Campbell

Alexandra Cohl

Alexandra Cohl is a New York City based singer-songwriter and fiction and nonfiction writer. She grew up near Baltimore, Maryland and has been performing since high school. Though she started with covers of Etta James and Whitney Houston, she has begun to write her own songs in the last few years. She has performed at the Empire State Music and Arts Festival two years in a row and looks forward to playing in many other venues throughout the city. She would call her music style eclectic, drawing influences from soul, R&B, rock, and pop. In 2019, she plans to record her songs and release them on streaming services.


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