Simon Rex was first introduced to television audiences as an MTV VJ. Soon after, Simon hit fame and popularity delving into acting on shows such as Felicity, Jack and Jill, and What I Like About You. Rex also made guest appearances on Baywatch, Everwood, and Summerland and starred in the Lifetime Series, Monarch Cove. He has also acted in feature films including Scary Movie 3, Karate Dog, Superhero Movie, Scary Movie 4 Hotel California, King Of The Avenue, and Scary Movie 5.

As his alter ego “Dirty Nasty,” actor, musician, producer, and comedian, Simon Rex has developed a die-hard and rabid fan-base across the world since the release of his debut rap-comedy albums 2007 release. Dirt’s second album (2010’s “Nasty As I Wanna Be”) debuted and stayed at the top of Billboard’s comedy charts for weeks and featured guests such as Ke$ha, LMFAO and others.

His music and persona have excitedly received a cult following which are not only dominant on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and iTunes; but at his sold out shows and concerts across the globe. Most recently, Simon (or Dirt Nasty) teamed up with super-producer Diplo, and his
friends Andy Milonakis and Riff Raff to form the group “Three Loco.” November of 2012 saw the release of an 8-song album on Diplo’s own Mad Decent record label which garnished them critical acclaim from the likes of MTV, Pitchfork, Vice Magazine and Perez Hilton just to name a few.

August 20, 2013 marks the release of Simon’s third album as Dirt Nasty entitled “Palatial.”

Off The Dome

Terry Maxwell AKA CAPITAL-T Was born in Ft. Lewis, WA. Grew up in the Tacoma area. Went to the Clover Park school districts. Always had a passion to rap or sing in front of people. In 2004 he got his first opportunity in front of a packed crowd for the first time and he won the Clover Park High School Talent Show . That alone gave him the motivation to pursue a music career. Mostly known for his fast paced double time rap style, harmonization and clear pronunciation, it gained some attention from local record labels. He performed all over Tacoma, Seattle, Chehalis, and Olympia. First album entitled "Kim-Chi and Fried Chicken." The general public was always confused on his ethnicity (korean,black ) he decided that the stereotypical food would silence that. The album was focused on radio friendly uptempo R N B tracks. Fast forward to 2015, not worried about getting a record deal with other labels, with all his experience that he learned from his label mates, mentors, producers, CAPITAL T decided to start his own record label OFF THE DOME with his best friend/label mate/Vice President B-DUB.

Born as Anthony Allen Turner on Februrary 25th,1987. B-DUB grew up as an average white kid raised in a middle class family. Without a dad around, B-DUB looked to his mother for his daily support and guidance. Never willing to admit it, not having his biological father around in his growing years caused him alot of mixed emotions. Out of fear of being seen as weak or soft he would never talk of these feelings. Instead he found that writing poems and rhymes over beats would be a great way to vent these emotions on a regualar basis. After sometime these poems and rhymes were formed into an art of their own and he gained the attention of his peers and was noticed of his newfound talent. At this time in his life he met a fellow kid by the name of Terry Maxwell AKA CAPITAL-T who would later become B-DUBS best friend and rap sensae. Together these two formed an alliance and quickly became known for their BONE THUGS N HARMONY type flows, and the ability to rap and freestyle together like never seen before. After years and years of of writing music and performing music at local venues and events B-DUB&CAPITAL-T decided they were done putting the fate of their musical dreams and talents in the hands of other local labels and greedy artists. They decided they were going to take things to the next level. with every second of their free time and every penny to their name they created a dynamic record label from the ground up and are now getting ready to take things nationwide. for all of you that are unfamiliar with this story and want to know more... ALL ABOARD AND WELCOME TO OFF THE DOME RECORDS!!

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