TV Girl

TV Girl is Trung Ngo and Brad Petering, friends who spent many Southern California summers together absorbing pop music and forming a succession of bands that tried to sound like the Beatles.

TV Girl was formed with the intention of combining the duo's love of girl-group pop with a budding interest in hip-hop. They released a self-titled EP in September 2010 which was immediately given a high profile boost when their song "If You Want It" was featured on taste-making blog Pitchfork. The EP subsequently spread throughout the blogosphere and was written about by big name publications like The Guardian, The Atlantic, and NPR, who praised the group's knack for re-appropriating pop history through knowing lyrical allusions and carefully chosen samples.

After another well-received EP, they released a full length Mixtape with the help of hip-hop Label Greedhead, run by Himanshu Suri of Das Racist.

2013 promises another EP and a debut LP of their post-modern pop.

American singer and music producer, established in Brooklyn, NY, now based in Los Angeles, CA.

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