Alone In A Crowd

Alone In A Crowd

American hardcore band from New York City.

Terror is a five-piece American metalcore hardcore punk band from Los Angeles, California, United States; formed in 2002. So far they have released six studio albums and a number of other recordings. Already of their second album One With The Underdogs, released in the US through Trustkill Records and in Germany through Dead Serious Records they sold over 40000 copies. Their latest, sixth full-length album The Twenty Fifth Hour released on Victory Records was published in August 2015. Their next US - and European tour will take place in spring and summer 2017.

Current line-up:
Scott Vogel - Vocals
Nick Jett - Drums
Martin Stewart - Guitar
Jordan Posner - Guitar
Chris Linkovich - Bass

Pagan Babies

PAGAN BABIES are an American hardcore punk band from Philadelphia PA. founded by Michael J. McManus, vocals and lyrics, Eric Squadroni, lead guitar, Mark Pingitore, bass, Dan McGinnis, rhythm guitar, and Bruce Boyd, drums. From their first practices in the Fall of 1986 to their last shows in the Winter of 1989, the Pagan Babies were an active and influential band who left their mark on the hardcore/punk community.

Pagan Babies are considered one of the early pioneers for fusing hardcore punk with rap, hip hop and rock. They are equally noted for their graffiti styled album art work created by the drummer Bruce Boyd.

Maximum Penalty

American hardcore band from New York City.

Break Away

Let Down

Hardcore band from Pennsylvania

Nowhere Roads



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