Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft / DAF

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

Many things have been said about this band: they were called the “godfathers of techno,”
the pioneers of EBM and the forefathers of electropunk. Yet they only laugh coolly and
remain tight-lipped in the face of any attempt to historicize them. Deutsch Amerikanische
Freundschaft – better known as DAF – is a myth.
What we know is that they released four albums in a short time span between 1980 and
1982, and that those albums changed the history of music worldwide. Yet DAF’s
international renown certainly was not based in the name: Gabi Delgado-López and
Robert Görl were never looking for friendship; their expressions were invariably ones of
steely, piercing stares, and they presented themselves with a precisely staged iciness
that belied the ardor burning inside them.
DAF initially formed as a quintet in the confines of Ratinger Hof in Düsseldorf, alongside
bands like Fehlfarben, Der Plan, Mittagspause and others, but later adopted a
conceptual approach that left no space for other “young lords.” From that point on they
worked as a duo. With precision percussive elements mastered in classical jazz training,
a legendary Korg MS-20 and a highly fetishistic militaristic spoken-word style, they
produced four albums in quick succession – records that could be construed as
substitutes for sex, drugs and violence. While the first album, Die kleinen und die Bösen
– on which half the tracks were recorded in Conny Plank’s studio while the B-side
contained live recordings – still hinted at roots in original punk music, they then created a
triptych of leathery, sweat-soaked hedonism on Alles ist Gut, Gold und Liebe and Für
immer. In the early 1980s the records in the DAF box set Groenland Records is now
releasing quickly made this duo the international figurehead of the music everyone now
associates with the Rhine region: DAF, along with Kraftwerk and Can, were the pioneers
of German electronic music. They were always in vogue. Sequencers, synthesizers,
commanding drum beats and the most cutting staccato spoken-word vocals – an
alliteration only disrupted by the notion of the uniform. Very few bands have managed to
contrive their own look in such masterly fashion, and to even make it a subject of their
work: “Was ziehst du an heut nacht?,” “Verehrt euren Haarschnitt” and – oh yes – “Tanz
den Mussolini.”
DAF’s militaristic aspect is only broken by their attitude of denial, which invites us to
dance in the dark with them and to follow Delgado-López’s rhythmic movements – even
if he seems to be dancing entirely for himself. Perhaps it is that contradiction itself that
renders this duo so eternal.
This compilation will allow you to experience the music of DAF; the darkest and hardest
driving musical imperative ever to come out of Germany.

At once brutal and romantic, LIGHT ASYLUM exists in the space where industrial gives way to goth, where synth-pop meets the outer regions of dark wave under the cover of night. The 'In Tension' EP (2011) and the follow up self titled debut LP (2012) showcase the projects fluid attack shifting elegantly from mid tempo frenzied dance to subliminal future-ballads that are deceptively uplifting when considering LIGHT ASYLUM's relentless dark sheen. Calling Shannon Funchess a commanding vocalist is an understatement; there is a heaviness and urgency in her vocal delivery that is downright sinister. This is contemporary synth-pop to a tee that comes to life during their revered live performances.
photo by: Helge Kramberger

Tearist is an experimental electronic performance duo from Los Angeles.


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