Still Woozy

Still Woozy. It's a name that mirrors both Gamsky and his music. Since quitting a technical math rock band last year, he's been focused on finding simpler, more emotional sounds that connect on a human level. So far, he's found success: Gamsky's melodic songs that aren't afraid of throwing weird little electronic flourishes or woozy basslines at you.

With warm instrumentation and an overall melancholic tone, this is cozy, intimate music that'll occasionally urge you to get up and dance. Or, as Gamsky explains, these are the kind of songs that'll sound the best "coming down from an acid trip or something."

"I think I'm trying to make music that people can put on and feel like they're connecting with me, but I'm not bumming them out too hard," he says. "There's a suitable amount of melancholy mixed with self-deprecation, and also a general feeling that it's going to be okay.​" He adds, "Intimacy is something that I really care about in music. It needs to feel like I'm connecting with someone or something. That's living."



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