Bleeding Through

When a band collectively turns ten years old, there’s a shift that occurs—one that establishes the band’s contributions to whichever genre they play in as a permanent one, resonating for generations to follow. While many bands manage to break into double digits, few manage to make it to twenty—which means, just months away from kissing their teens goodbye, Bleeding Through are truly an act integral to contemporary heavy music. When Spin magazine called Bleeding Through a “band to watch,” and Revolver heralded the group as one that was shaping the “future of metal”—both 2004—it would seem unlikely that either publication was hinting at what the group have become now. Working incessantly since early 1999, this crushing Californian metal act combine hardcore, symphonic and death metal in a maelstrom of magnificent aggression, weaving melody and mayhem together into a chaotic quilt. Dedicated to writing, recording and touring in a way that would cast countless acts to shame, Bleeding Through are a band that many fans of extreme music may cite as one of their first truly “heavy” bands—and years later, they hold up just as strong, if not more so.
Formed in 1999, Bleeding Through have run the gamut of countries, labels, genre stylings and immense, genre-defining releases, influencing several generations of artists since their inception. Named for the notion that, “whether black, white, red, brown, yellow, religious, straight or gay, we all…bleed through this life the same—thus Bleeding Through,” the band have taken that passionate, poignant impetus and brought it to life with every year since their debut full-length record, Dust to Ashes. Since their 2001 album, the band have released seven full length records (with five of them charting within the top 50 U.S. Indie releases for their respective year) and toured in Europe, alongside the likes of All Shall Perish and Caliban, as well as alongside Slipknot, Unearth and Lamb of God at 2004’s Ozzfest. Their career has been a lengthy and star-studded one, with monstrous successes parallel to their dedication to delivering a devastating—yet melodic and entrancing—infusion of metal and hardcore to fans worldwide. Their journey, while remarkable, has not been without its hiccups, leading to the band’s 2014 hiatus and what many considered to be the end of the band’s career—until now.
With nearing an hour’s worth of new music on Love Will Kill All, the group’s return-to-form under SharpTone Records, the band emerge from their slumber with renewed energy, aggression and musical precision. Effortlessly blending scathing, skin-peeling metallic elements with hard-hitting hardcore and jaw-dropping symphonic elements with a brash take-no-prisoners attitude, Bleeding Through inflict pain and awe in equal amounts with every razor-sharp cut their forthcoming effort has to offer. Coupled with a new label, Bleeding Through have been granted a new lease on life—and the ears of the heavy-music loving masses—as Love Will Kill All is a collection of coming-home anthems from heavy music’s prodigal sons returned to retake their throne.

CARNIFEX is something musically unique. What really makes CARNIFEX stand out from the throngs of other Hard Rock acts currently scouring the planet, are their savage live performances. Their declaration to make every night an experience for fans rather than just a show, has proven to be the most appreciated trait of the band among fans. But you can keep your pyrotechnics and other special effects at home as CARNIFEX relies solely on the power of their music. “Every night, we strive to play extremely tight. Sometimes it can be difficult to make such an intense show so interactive, but we make sure that everyone is getting involved,” says Lewis.

Their fifth full-length album »Die Without Hope« (2014) marks the long awaited return of the band, with their Nuclear Blast debut.

The band will release their new album entitled »Slow Death« on August 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Scott Ian Lewis: "This album will reshape our genre and be looked back on as an album that started a new movement for aggressive, dark metal. We're going to show those who love us and those who hate us just how far reaching our ambition is."

My Children My Bride

Hailing from the desolate metal scene of north Alabama, brutal Hardcore influenced Metal act, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE, are proud to have landed a home with Solid State Records. Capturing the label's attention through their non-stop touring efforts, d.i.y. European tour, and several self-released EP's, MCMB is a band that knows what it means to prove their worth through endless hard work and with genuine effort. MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE recently wrapped up thier debut album, "Unbreakable," tracked by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada) and mixed by Adam D. (Killswitch Engage). Fans can expect another full year of dedicated touring in support of "Unbreakable" in 2008.

So This Is Suffering

So This Is Suffering is a Post-Deathcore outfit originating from Victorville, CA started by Zedadiah Martinez and Zechariah Gamez in 2007. After years of sacrifice, the band further developed by solidifying its lineup with long time friends Robert Brown, Fabrizio Toscano, and James Williams. Having self-released three albums and relentlessly performing across the United States, they’ve made a name for themselves as one of the heaviest and hardest-working DIY bands. By melding emotion driven lyrics with the sounds influenced by a broad spectrum of musical tastes, the members plan to leave their mark in extreme music. They’re currently writing their full length album, A Palace For The Pessimist, which will be their first release with Unique Leader Records.

So This Is Suffering is:

Vocals : Zedadiah Martinez
Guitar : Fabrizio Toscano
Guitar : Robert Brown
Bass : James Williams
Drums : Zechariah Gamez

Spades And Blades may have formed in 2006 but its founding members have shared the stage since 2001. In that year Jason Todd (vocals), Justin Bullock (guitar, vocals), and Josiah Wiswell (lead guitar) played together in, hardcore punk band, The Havoc. In 2006. after several years of releasing records and touring the U.S. consistently, they wanted to form something different. A heavier project with new life. Although the project went through several line up changes and explored different directions in sound at first, they eventually solidified their line up with TJ Stiles (drums) and Garrett Rizzi (bass) and self released their debut L.P. "Blood of the Innocent" in 2010. A mash up of Metal, Hardcore, and Hard Rock that started to bring the band some local recognition. Their explosive, honest, and musically adept presence made it possible for them to share the stage with some serious notables, including: Woven War, Impeding Doom, This or the Apocalypse, Phinehas, Silent Planet, and Dayseeker. These performances caught the attention of potential sponsors and the band picked up endorsements from Bad Cat Amps, Schecter Guitars, TRX Cymbals, Trick Drums, Kickport, 1964 in ears, Sullen Clothing , Degenerate Clothing, and Coldcock Whiskey.

In 2013, the band landed on solid ground musically with a melodic metalcore sound and the release of their E.P. "Proud To Be Loud", on Sullen Musik. The band continued to play locally and some light regional touring began in 2014. They then went through yet another line up change with the departure of founding guitarist Josiah Wiswell, and bassist Garrett Rizzi in early 2015. However, the band bounced back quickly, returning as a 4 piece with John Douglas (bass) in 2015. The addition of Douglas brought a renewed energy to the band on and off the stage. It was evident immediately that this was the line up that would take the band to the next level as they hit the road by that February. This energetic line up completed over 70 shows in 2015 and caught the attention of the Metal community all over the U.S. as a support act for Incite that winter, and Straight Line Stitch that summer.

After Spades And Blades completed a successful year of touring throughout 2015, they played several local shows throughout Southern California and then released their L.P. "The End Is Near" in February, 2016. Currently, the band is about to embark on another full U.S. tour and are booking more dates for 2016. After ten years as a band, it seems the industry is finally taking notice of Spades And Blades as a force to be reckoned with on the stage and in their progressive metalcore style.

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