Brooklyn Gypsies

Brooklyn Gypsies

The Brooklyn Gypsies are a group of NYC based musicians/ producers who’s artistic influences draw from their unique cultural backgrounds. Originating from Spain, Japan, Russia & U.S. the gypsies came to be in 2012 within the Williamsburg Brooklyn music scene at Studio BPM where Takuya Nakamura (Brooklyn Gypsy) lived & co- managed. After a few collaborative projects between the artist were explored the opportunity to form a band that incorporated all the elements of each project arose. Such genres as jazz fusion, afro latin, flamenco, reggae, eastern european, dance electro & blues. Brooklyn Gypsies was formed as an expression as well as a live production outlet of all these genres in one. The term “Gypsy” was incorporated into the band name representing the nomadic spirit & way of life within this musical journey.


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