Monday Night Residency - The Tracks

Named for the forgotten trolley tracks that run like veins throughout Los Angeles, the young rock band the Tracks boldly play furious, fast music that flies in the face of a genre seems to have lost its way.
Frontman Venancio Bermudez, bassist Felipe Contreras, drummer Jimmy Conde, and guitarist Johnny Santana united over their shared love of rock & roll and
are the latest act to contribute to the rich history of Chicano bands, playing music that is directly influenced by their background growing up as the children of
undocumented immigrants in East LA.
Their music recalls the defiant optimism of working class bands that came before them and their sound reminds us to find the joy in dancing to loud music
as the ultimate form of rebellion. The group’s ferocious live set has seen them playing everywhere from backyard parties in Boyle Heights to opening for Hinds, and they performed two songs live on camera in the TV show I
Love Dick from Transparent creator Jill Soloway, which premiered in Spring of 2017. Most recently, the Tracks were featured alongside SZA in MasterCard’s
2018 Start Something Priceless campaign.
Caitlin White compared the band’s sonic pop punch to the Strokes in her piece for Uproxx, and Maria Sherman opened her Remezcla feature on the group with “Very rarely does a band resonate so much that it feels like a shift is
happening.” The group received a lengthy profile in LA Weekly from Jonny Coleman, and LA Times music critic Randall Roberts wrote
"the Tracks connect the black-and-white past with a full-color, and furious,
The Tracks’ most recent single “Hanging On“ was premiered on NPR station KCRW and was featured on lifestyle & culture sites Uproxx and
Remezcla. The band’s debut album is set to come out in 2018 and was produced by Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, FIDLAR, Guards).




Nightgown is the confessional music project of LA based singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Laurel Noone. When asked to describe her sound, she coins the sub-genres “Anxiety Rock” or “Self-Deprecating Pop,” but those descriptors don’t fully convey the odd allure that emerges from her heart-felt music and its realization in her band's live performance. Brought to life by the dexterous hands and minds of Brian Griffith, Royce Hsu, and Austin Ash, the songs seamlessly shift between delicate, color-washed dream-pop to biting, fast-n-loose garage rock. There's a strange power that emerges from vulnerability, which this band deftly wields with touches of humor, hope, and uninhibited manic energy. Noone's well-crafted lyrics walk a fine line between sincerity and tongue-in-cheek (drawing parallels to Pavement and The Velvet Underground), which like to turn a scrutinizing, satirical eye on the world, human behavior, as well as her own behavior. Originally hailing from the rural farmlands outside of Baltimore, Laurel grew up in solitude studying the classics- opera, ballet, and philosophy- which can be heard twisted and distorted in her sweet-and-low-down rock-n-roll. This show marks Nightgown's official debut release show for "Dig It" available on PLAG Records 10/27/17.

“Instantly incredibly captivating… My sense is that this artful disturbia they present is just that and in this way… reminds me of The Pixies.” – American Pancake

“Their melodic hooks and unbridled enthusiasm were both catchy enough to keep people dancing” – L.A. Record

“Nightgown's Laurel Noone, with her elastic expressions and fulltone swagger, gave the half-converted pool hall a fuzzy bear hug, blasting a Marcy Playground cover while residents sipped on disco lemonade.” – The Deli Magazine

Collin Cairo is an experimental pop artist and producer based out of Los Angeles. With elements of Early Electronic music Dub and Hip Hop, Collin uses analog synthesizers and drum machines to create a sci-fi world with one foot in the past and one in the future.



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